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Jan 25, 2012 08:42 PM

Chapel Hill: new Vietnamese/Thai

My dad saw this ;It's opening on Franklin St, where some yogurt place was, Sorry I don't have more info. I hope it's good, but what on earth does Vietnamese food have to do with Thai food?

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  1. Good to know and well I don't know the correlation but if they do Pho and Bahn Mis justice. It will be a welcome addition. I think I know the spot not far from Varsity Theatre. On a separate note, another self serve yogurt place called Sweet Frog has also opened or will be opening soon on Franklin.

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      Speaking of Bánh mì in Chapel Hill, lets not forget that Lime & Basil makes an EXCELLENT one ($5.00 each) although its only available for take out.

    2. IIRC, that location is by He's Not Here and where Ben & Jerry's used to be. Speaking of which, I wonder what's going into the B&J' space? Sweet Frog?

      I can see some rationale for Thai and Vietnamese. It's the Chinese-Sushi places that makes me roll my eyes.

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        Ben and Jerry's reopened after about a month of being closed (for renovations?). Sweet Frog is now where Kidzu used to be, basically next to starbucks.

        I, too, can see some rationale for Thai-Vietnamese. Both delicious, spicy, fish sauce often used - the whole spicy/salty/sweet thing.

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          Heads up; just spotted a sign for an Asian place (it's small) next to Chill Bubble Tea (that was). The name is up on the door, but I've forgotten it; sorry Hounds:(

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            It was listed a few days ago on Twitter. I'll track it down.

            Here is what I found...

            Over in Chapel Hill on East Franklin Street, Mei Asian restaurant is heading our way, right next to what was formerly the Chill Bubble Tea location. They are a little way away from opening and no other information (not even a Facebook page or website) is available at this time. W

      2. Whats the story on the Viet/Thai place? Is it open or is that the same as the place next to Bubble Tea?

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          I just walked past it yesterday - in the space that used to be Breuggers, between Ben and Jerrys and I Love NY Pizza. It isn't open yet. I couldn't make out the whole sign on the door, but something like Kzai(?) Vietnamese and Thai. They still have paper covering the windows.

          Mei Asian is a different restaurant, opening next to the old Chill spot, but I can't remember what used to be in the space Mei is going to occupy. They look closer to opening than the Vietnamese/Thai place, complete with a sign over the door. I didn't see any signs of life inside though.

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            probably the Front Porch location

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              Yep, that's it! It will be interesting to see what they offer.

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                FYI just saw from the bus yesterday, Mei Asian is open.

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                  Just got back from dinner at Mei -- opened yesterday according to the proprietress. They do not have their alcohol licensing so no beer or wine yet, but they are hoping to offer those soon. Small space (14 tables by my count -- a mix of 2 and 4 tops) but pleasant and very different from the Front Porch layout. Not crowded tonight, but I'll bet it can get loud based on the floor and the walls.

                  The owners are Malaysian but the menu is definitely pan Asian with Sesame Chicken and Kung pao Chicken along with Noodle dishes and Noodle Soup dishes. We tried the Half-Fried Chicken Dumpling Appetizer -- 4 dumplings that were more than serviceable accompanied by a small serving of killer pickled vegetables. At $5.50 a bit overpriced but this is Franklin Street. For entrees we got Malaysian Hokkien Mee w/Roast Pork and Cantonese Wonton Mee Soup. Both were really good and a reasonable portion. The Wonton soup was loaded with pork, ramen noodles, wontons, and bok choy in a nice broth, the Hokkien Mee is made with Udon noodles (very nice) and had a sweet soy glaze. For being in the shake down period I think they are off to a good start. Service was warm but not cloying.

                  Doesn't seem like a student oriented place so I hope they can survive -- it's nice to have an alternative to Lime and Basil (Mei also serves Pho and Thai noodle salads.)

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                    Good good the pho and noodle soups will be a great addition for people walking along franklin st. when it gets cold. Are they casual or more upscale compared to Lime and Basil. I never heard Lime and Basil really being referred to as very good.

                    Do they do Bahn mi?

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                      I think the atmosphere is nicer than L & B which seems institutional to me; it is definitely not casual, but not formal either. It was quite comfortable, but not casual comfortable if you know what I mean. No Bahn Mi, but I did hear that the menu will expand over time.