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Jan 25, 2012 07:02 PM

First Visit to Hilton Head

Hello, fellow Hounds! I will be visiting Hilton Head for the first time and would welcome some pointers as to where to chow down. I have examined various posts and gathered that Il Carpaccio and Roast Fish & Corn Bread are worthy nominees.

I have also long heard of Sweatman's BBQ in Holly Hill, SC. Is it worth the drive from Hilton Head?

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

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  1. I love bbq as much as anyone, and I think Sweatman's is fantastic, but its a 2 hour drive from HHI. Whether you're willing to drive that far is a personal decision, but I certainly wouldn't.

    1. Here are a couple of my favorites (besides Il Carpaccio):

      Another good Italian restaurant is Mulberry Street Trattoria. Its the first left turn past the Moss Creek traffic light (of course, after you cross the mainland bridge).

      Also try Bistro 17 in Shelter Cove Harbor (mid island).

      1. When you've had a big day and are looking for delivery or good take out, try Giuseppe's a try. Extensive menu of the standard fare (pizza, pasta, subs, etc.) but it is all well prepared. Full bar, w/ top staff if you choose to eat there.

        1. I am from Holly Hill and I think it is to far to drive for BBQ though I love the place.

          Hilton head is almost barren for foodies I think.. I do enjoy EAT!! (Robert Irvine's place)