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Jan 25, 2012 06:40 PM

Dark Chocolate Cake with Coffee and/or Booze flavor(s)

Do any of the local talented bakeries offer a dark or bittersweet chocolate cake that has some kind of coffee and/or booze flavor in it? I checked Delissio and Tartine, but neither do what I'm looking for.

Has anyone tried Crixa's New Orleans Bourbon cake? "Dark chocolate cake with a bit of coffee and a bunch of Bourbon. Iced with bittersweet chocolate ganache."

Any other suggestions?

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  1. Crixa's Rigo Jancsi Or Jamaican Rum Mousse.

    1. Yes. I liked it when I tried it in 2005 under my old id

      "he most outstanding was New Orleans Bourbon Cake, The website describes it as dark chocolate cake with a bit of coffee and a bunch of Bourbon. Iced with bittersweet chocolate ganache.

      There was a rich thick wonderful bittersweet frosting (ok, ganache if you will. It is frosting). The cake was moist from the rum. I don't do this often, but this needed a glass of milk for the ultimate chocolate cake experience. Then I entered chocolate cake nirvana.'

      THIS is why i'm so wordy. I never would have remember how this tasted otherwise.

      This person wasn't a fan though

      "The frosting on the New Orleans Bourbon Cake was very, very bitter. It tasted like black coffee frosting. Not my thing."

      You can buy it by the slice to test drive it. Call and find out what days they plan to sell it.

      I am still kind of blissing out over a chocolate cake i had at Masse's today. No booze but they do have this on their cake menu

      MOCHA WALNUT A caramelized walnut base, dark chocolate cake, chocolate Bavarian, espresso mousse, wrapped in a wood grain chocolate band

      Haven't tried that one though.

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        Thanks, rwo. It looks like I'll have to try a slice. Now to figure out how to get over to Berkeley for a test run without the DH knowing... I was really hoping to find something on my side of the water, but this is the best lead so far.

        1. re: artemis

          The New Orleans Bourbon cake from Crixa was fabulous. I generally agree with your taste, so I just ordered it without tasting it. I loved the bittersweet ganache, and loved that the frosting was only on top of the cake, with some fairly substantial swirly rosette-y shapes around the edge of the cake. The sides of the cake were bare of frosting, which was a little surprising but also appreciated because I am not a huge frosting fan. There was plenty of ganache on top, especially from the rosettes, to have some frosting with each bite of cake. The bottom third of the cake was very boozy in a wonderful way (this cake is not ok for kids, if there was any doubt), and the top two-thirds not boozy. I suspect that the sides weren't frosted so that the bottom third of the cake could be soaked in booze. The cake itself was moist and not too sweet throughout. I would definitely recommend it to anyone not looking for a very sweet, adult chocolate cake.

      2. Katrina Rozelle's has Cafe au Lait and a Mocha Madness cakes.

        Both are great cakes.

        1. My two favorite chocolate cakes are the Chocolate Fedora at Stella Pastry (if deeply chocolate AND light are possible, this is it) and the Chocolate Mocha cake (an American-style cake with gorgeous mocha frosting) from Prolific Oven.

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            i love the chocolate rum cake at prolific oven. similar to the mocha cake but with a rum cream cheese frosting.