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Jan 25, 2012 06:37 PM

Restaurants in Naples

can anyone recommend a few good restaurants to eat at in Naples FL? Looking for good food and can be a small place, doesn't have to be ultra fancy. Just good.

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  1. Try SS Nemo or Cafe Normandie, both on 41.

    1. Escargot 41, is small and a little fancy, but very good.

      1. About 15 minutes north on 41 Angelina's best of the best

        1. Inca's Kitchen fits that description. you won't find anything like this unless you're in a major city.
          Rafael, owner/chef has created one of the best places in Naples and moderately priced.

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            Do try Pelago in a small mall off 41. Greek/Mediterranean. Everything is fresh, well priced. Small, very friendly service. Its a gem.