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Best Sandwiches in westchester?

I know this question is broad, but for chicken cutlets i like dantes in white plains, and rockies in milwood, i also like gianonnis. Im looking for your favorite sandwiches. Write the resturants name, the sandwiches name, and its ingredients.

Rockies, Milwood
*No Name*
Chicken cutlet, honey mustard, mozzarella, bacon, lettuce, tomato on a hero

this is just for fun.

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  1. currently stuck in a nursing rehab, but iron tomato delivers- just had a very good meatball parm, and have also had a very good roast beef,arugala,jarsburg wedge. hate to admit it but their high prices are fair and a good value. give them a try for a good sandwich

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      Battaglia Brothers - I usually get simple sandwiches (ham and swiss, Turkey, mozzarella and tomato, egg salad) but whatever I get is delicious.

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        I am surprised that no one mentioned Turcos in Yorktown.

      2. Stephen's Green - Crestwood
        Grilled Chicken Sandwich
        Chicken breast served with avocado, red onion, lettuce and tomatoes with chipotle mayonnaise

        Mona Lisa - Scarsdale
        Italian Combo
        Traditional Italian combo ingredients...delicious and the size of a football...call ahead they are slow, but worth it. Add the hot peppers if they have them.

        Quarry Restaurant - Tuckahoe
        Grilled Chicken Sandwich
        Grilled Chicken Breast with Broccoli Rabe, Melted Mozzarella on a Club Roll

        Burrito Poblano - Tuckahoe
        Chorizo Sandwich
        Chorizo lettuce, tomato, avocado, jalapeno and cheese

        and if you don't mind a 20 minute drive

        Rinaldi's - Greenwich
        BLT Wedge
        12 Strips of bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

        1. Just go to Melt in White Plains and order whatever you like. Best is to vague as is sandwiches. just delis? lunch time? hamburgers count?

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            finally got to Melt for lunch; as good as the reviews have indicated.

            1. Chicken cutlet (no sauce or cheese) I like it with lettuce and mayo at Anthonys on Halstead in Mamaroneck-greatest Chicken cutlets
              Giovanni's on Garth road in Scarsdale has chicken, string beans, cheddar and balsamic on a wedge- very good.
              Rocco's in Millwood has great steak and cheese
              Cosmo on Mamaroneck ave in Mamaroneck for Italian Combo
              Sage Deli on Palmer in Mamaroneck for American Combo (ham,american, turkey LTM).
              Lange's in Scarsdale also does great Italian Combo

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                Lange's has a sandwich with eggplant and cherry peppers that is excellent. Can't remember if it has a name or number.

              2. A&S thornwood eggplant combo-eggplant cutlets, mozz, broccoli rabe and roasted red peppers

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                  What's the price? It looks good but I checked their website and they have the menu but no prices. Odd.

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                    I called today and they told me the eggplant/roasted red pepper/mozz was $9.

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                      Sounds about right, a bit pricey, but well worth the cost. Its big enough for two meals.

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                        I actually asked the guy how big it was and he told me it was big enough for one person. I would have gotten it if he told me that it was enough for two.

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                          the one thing that annoys me about A&S is the hard sell-they are always pushing you to buy more

                          and I guess it would depend on how much you normally eat

                          I was there yesterday and got a piece of veal parm, some broccoli rabe, some grilled veggies, some grilled artichokes and an orangina. It was $15, but all the ingredients were fresh and prepared well.

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                            That hard sell must be unique to that location. The Yonkers store is the nicest place, they work hard and fast, and no upselling. Great place.

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                              Its not a super hard sell, but there is always a comment, sort of a strong suggestion. I always end up buying more than I planned , but that is also because everything is so good!

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                              To be honest, I'm kind of predisposed not to go to A&S at all, because I had a very bad experience at the one in Mt. Kisco (which I understand is owned by people who used to be in Thornwood). The publisher of The Examiner tweeted that they were giving a free piece (I want to think 1/2 pound) of fresh mozzarella just for stopping in, right after they opened. So i went in and killed time waiting for the person ahead of me to finish, then they told me to wait because they were just making it, then after I'd killed over a half hour there and they realized that I wasn't actually buying anything, they decided that they were not going to give me the free mozzarella. They deleted my Facebook post on their page as well. Needless to say, I will not be going back to THAT location again.

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                                There is definitely some attitude going on. But despite the high prices and the occasional gruffness and upselling, there is no denying the quality of most of their food. I always spend more than I planned but am rarely disappointed with what I bring home. The mozz is delicious, if you dont mind paying $16 for a single portion. Ask them for a smaller piece and out comes some of that attitude. It is what it is.

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                                  So if I call in an order for a single sandwich (since you can't just show up and order it) will they get upset with me and give me an attitude when I show up to get it and nothing else?

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                                    You can walk in and order it. And you should be fine.

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                                      Interesting.. that's not what the website said (or at least not the way I read it).

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                                  For whatever it's worth, when I asked the guys at the Thornwood location about the A&S that just opened in Mount Kisco, they swore up and down that they had nothing to do with them. I've never gotten food directly from the one in Mount Kisco, but I've had stuff catered by them and was not impressed. The location in Thornwood, on the other hand, is consistently solid - staff is friendly (never been upsold on anything), prepared foods are good, sandwiches use some Boars Head but are still good (I like Dante's better though). Their italian combo is as good as they get, although their best sandwiches are the paninis - they have a great roasted pork with broccoli rabe and steak pizzaiola. Unfortunately I don't think they do the paninis on the weekends...

                    2. Horsefeathers in Tarrytown has a very good Cuban

                      1. A & S Pork store (Italian Deli) Yonkers- Italian combo wedge: they use 6-7 Italian meats plus provolone and oil & balsamic vinegar. Order no lettuce or tomato, with onions and roasted peppers, also hot peppers if you like, but be warned they are HOT. All their sandwiches and prepared foods are great. I think the best Italian deli, and best deli overall in Westchester.

                        Gino's Yonkers/Bronxville- any of the hot wedges: Meatball Parm and chicken parm, eggplant parm, chicken marsala parm...

                        Sage deli in Mamaroneck- great sandwich list.

                        Royal Scarlet in White Plains- great sandwich list.

                        Dante's Italian Deli in White Plains can be great or not, depends upon the day.

                        1. Recently I arrived at Tarry Market when a prime rib was being removed from the oven/spit. While I shopped it rested, before I left and by request staff making sandwiches with it. Shaved/thinly sliced still warm, rare prime rib on really good bread. The meat had been coated with a porcini rub and was perfectly seasoned, the sandwich didn't need an additional thing on it.

                          I also like the sandwiches from A&S in Yonkers any combo I request and like JMF I hold the lettuce or tomato but include onions,roasted peppers,hot peppers and broccoli rabe. I also like the fact that they will cut a really good seeded italian bread for your sandwich if you ask them to. They also get points for not making faces when I request the additon of imported provolone.

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                            I forgot to mention one of my favorites the smoked trout sandwich at Polpettina with pancetta, arugula, roasted peppers, lemon aioli on toasted country bread.

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                              but do they charge you for the better bread & cheese?

                              1. re: cubanat

                                No,they don't add on charges, they use high quality products, imported over domestic, unless the domestic is as good a quality. For the bread they ask you which you prefer, seeded or not. Prices are good too.

                                1. re: JMF

                                  sounds awesome! thanks for posting this

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                                    there are several a&s stores around the county and ct,i believe they are all seperate but related family members, the one in thornwood is also very good, mamk, not so good and am not familiar with the others although i have heard good things about ct, stamford, i believe

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                                  They charge me according to the size of the sandwich. They usually hold up the loaf and ask me how big a piece I want them to cut. If I want them to cut a huge bread in half it is going to be larger and cost more than a regular wedge/hero roll. I'm posting a photo of the type of bread I'm referring to. As far as the provolone goes I've never paid attention to what they charge. I find their domestic and imported are both good but two different animals.

                                  1. re: chowdom

                                    Chowdom....maybe not the right thread, but I was looking at their menu the other day and was confused by it. They have two prices for everything. I assume they are small and large, but some prices are doubled, some are almost tripled, some are 1/3 more. Very confusing.

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                                      If you are referring to A&S I'm afraid I can't help you, I just haven't paid attention to the prices. You can call them and ask them about this. I have found everyone who works there to be very nice with the exception of the occasional temporary worker. If you are talking about Polpettina they have full and half orders of many menu items.

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                                  That prime rib sandwich sounds amazing. May be worth the drive from work in White Plains!

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                                    Definitely worth it wincountrygirl but I think we got lucky with the timing. I would call to make sure they have it if you are going there for that specifically. I have been there many times before and have not seen a big old prime rib sittng on the counter being sliced.

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                                      I've never been to the market so I'd love to go. Iron Tomato always has a prime rib and it's delicious and usually hot as well. But that just somehow sounded better!

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                                        I stopped in today on my way home from Stamford. If you go to the meat counter ask for Paul, he is always super nice. Today he sliced off lots of the crust/bark for us to munch on. He Said the best time to come for the prime rib sandwich is at 12:00 when it is just coming out of the oven. I recommend grabbing a table in the coffee bar area and eating it right away. Paul finished today's sandwich with olive oil, sea salt and cracked pepper. I took photos of the prime rib and threw in one pic of the prosciutto focaccia for good measure. Our sandwich was made from the larger piece of meat that was cooked rare.

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                                          I will do that. The best part is the 'bark." This looks so good. Thanksf for the pix!

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                                            Your welcome, I just realized you said you have never been to the market. They carry many great products. The bread is wonderful I never leave without an olive baguette and to my delight I spotted Vermont Creamery butter today. The pork chops I have purchased are some of the best I have ever had at home or at a restaurant. One more tip, the ground beef is I believe a sirloin base and is mixed with a combination of scraps from the other meats in the case, tenderloin, brisket...at 5.49 it's quite a bargain.

                                            1. re: chowdom

                                              Ok, now I really have to go. Brisket in the chopmeat............ wow!! Thanks!

                                          2. re: chowdom

                                            You rock chowdom! greatr pix again! their focaccia is a meal unto itself.

                                            1. re: cubanat

                                              Thanks and I agree, can only eat a quarter of a piece of that focaccia at a time.

                                    2. re: chowdom

                                      Finally got to the Tarry Market today. It was an amazing experience. I had the prime rib sandwich. I have never had such a good prime rib. It was so rich. I opted not to get the oil, salt and pepper on it and I was so glad. Couldn't finish it, so I brought the rest home. My husband had a hot and sweet sausage an pepper sandwich. Really great. Wish they were closer, but I guess if they were I'd need a second mortgage to pay for all those great meals!

                                      1. re: wincountrygirl

                                        I think it's the porcini rub that makes the prime rib at Tarry Market so good and I agree with you about having to get a second mortgage if planning to shop there on a regular basis. For something a little more affordable pick up their pork chops and cook them at home, they are ridiculously good and it appears they have lowered the price per lb.

                                        1. re: chowdom

                                          Well, it was great. We brought home a dry aged steak and I grilled it tonight. All I can say is wow!! That was a treat. Pork chops next time. The dry aged steak won't happen too often!!! Do you have any idea where they get their meats?

                                          1. re: wincountrygirl

                                            You know I asked about the pork chops and was told and of course I don't remember. I'll ask who the meat purveyors are next time I'm there.

                                            1. re: chowdom

                                              I had a piece of a piece of Tarry Market's prosciutto focaccia left over so I warmed it in a pan and topped it with an egg. I suppose this could be considered an open faced sandwich It was so good. It felt a little Sandra Lee-ish though.

                                              1. re: chowdom

                                                No, Sandra Lee would have used supermarket frozen focaccia with an egg beater on it!

                                    3. Like much of the food there, the "BBQ-'bano" at BridgeView Tavern - their take on the Cubano, made with their house smoked pulled pork - is pretty damn delicious!!

                                      1. Buon Amici in Scarsdale for the 007. A bit pricy, but worth it. Excellent pastas and hot food for take home suppers too.

                                        1. Just had this today and honestly, couldn't have been happier. Perfect blend and amount of ingredients. Went to Reresa's Bakery in Eastchester and ordered an Eastchester's Bravest Panini. I ordered the wrap, but the guy said "get the panini with this one." I listened and I'm glad I did. A huge sandwich (huge) with a layer of hot Sopressata, Cappicola, Mozzarella, Grilled eggplant (lots and sliced so thin...yummy) and hot peppers. Perfect balance of heat and flavor. One of the best panini's I've ever had. Had a perfect cannoli for dessert

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                                                Across from Town Hall I believe it's 20-something Mill Rd.

                                                Don't forget a cannoli...they were one of the best I've had and I'm not a sweets person.

                                            1. We've been to Melt a few times, not sure if we are ordering the wrong thing or not, but I am never blown away -- maybe the build-it-yourself concept isn't working for me and we need to stick to the basics next time we go.

                                              I just feel like I must be ordering the greasiest, heaviest sandwich on the menu. Maybe I will post a separate thread....

                                              1. Croton Mini-Deli on Maple Avenue in Croton on Hudson has a fine touch with basic deli sandwiches - turkey/swiss, tuna fish, etc. Serves up lunch for lots of folks working over at Metro North depot, so generous servings. They can completely make my day by preparing the elusive olive loaf/American cheese/mayo/mustard on rye bread sandwich of my childhood. Just have to avoid turning around to the shelves where they sell the Hostess snowballs and Ring Dings and such of my childhood chubbiness. :-)

                                                1. The Godfather- Anthony's Deli Mamaroneck
                                                  The Inferno- The Chubby Chicken

                                                  1. Crossroads Deli (Mahopac, NY)
                                                    'Till Death Do Us Part
                                                    Massive Portion of Chicken Cutlet, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Three Pepper Colby Cheese, in house Pickled Jalapeno, Chipotle Mayo, and finally the Made from scratch BBQ Death Sauce.

                                                    its an amazing sandwich, the death sauce is not overly spicy, it just tastes amazing, the pepper flavor is undescribeable!

                                                    1. Rockies uses frozen chicken cutlet. I used to work in a few delis and you can tell a big difference from fresh fried cutlets and bought frozen breaded cutlets.

                                                      1. I love A&S Marketplace in Mount Kisco, great service, extensive sandwich selection & a friendly atmosphere! The two sandwiches I'd reccomend would be their Italian Combo (which was just mentioned in this month's Westchester Magazine) & their Porchetta sandwiches; although the Porchetta one is only done once or twice a week I believe, nevertheless an amazing sandwich!

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                                                          I had the Italian Combo at A&S in Mount Kisco, it was good, but the one at A&S in Yonkers blows it away. They use up to 7-8 imported meats, with their homemade roasted peppers and hot peppers, fantastic.

                                                          1. re: JMF

                                                            Dont believe everything you hear...The only imported meats from Italy are Prosciutto, (and it must be aged for atleast 400 days to be allowed in the country) and mortadella( its steamed cooked) in order to remove any chances of trichinosis. i will agree, A&S Yonkers does it the right way, but Mount Kisco A&S is really doing some great things over there.

                                                        2. After reading the above chatter about the Prime Rib sandwich at Tarry Market I had to try it...so I ran out for one today at lunch, it was delicious! The person who made my sandwich talked about how popular it was and that its his best seller. The meat was so tender and the bread was very tasty. I sort of wish you could add toppings, some tomato would have been great on it, but I am willing to make do without! It was $9.95 for those who were curious.

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                                                            When I had it he dipped the bread in the juice from the prime rib on the cutting board. Fantastic!

                                                          2. At Tarry Market on Saturday I sampled the lamb which I have not seen before... IMO it blew the prime rib out of the water.

                                                            1. Wedged-In Deli in Tarrytown has some terrific lunch sandwiches. Notrhing too exotic, but good specials of the day (changed daily on their website.)

                                                              Worst part of the place is that it's very tricky to find off 119.

                                                              1. On Thursday night, my husband was in a band that led a blues jam at Montauk Restaurant on Centre Avenue in New Rochelle. While there, he had a sandwich he can't stop talking about and wanted to write a post about it. Here he is:

                                                                "Grilled Chicken BLT Hero
                                                                I got this sandwich on Thursday night (12/20/12) during a blues jam. I was astounded at how good it was. Everything about it was perfect. The bread was soft and fresh. The chicken was juicy and well-seasoned. The bacon was lean. The lettuce and tomato were fresh and flavorful. It had just the right amount of mayo. My friends kept eating the potato wedges it came with, but that didn't bother me because the sandwich was huge and I couldn't stop eating it. It was the best sandwich I had since the grilled chicken sandwich my wife made for me last summer."

                                                                I swear I didn't add the last part.

                                                                1. A new favorite, the brisket from On a roll deli Tuckahoe Road Yonkers next to Grassy Sprain pharmacy.
                                                                  The brisket is available on Thursdays. I ordered enough for two sandwiches in a tin and requested jus and 4 slices of rye on the side. This is what $13.oo got us: two massive and delicious sandwiches, I did not put a thing on mine it was perfect as is.

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                                                                    Ok, that looks amazing! So juicy. Too bad I'm nowhere near there!

                                                                    1. re: wincountrygirl

                                                                      I know I thought of you when I posted this...sorry

                                                                  2. Wincountry-- try the brisket sandwich at Bridge View Tavern in Sleepy Hollow--- AWESOME!!!

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                                                                      Thanks! Alas, I really don't get there either. I work in White Plains but on the far side closer to Mamaroneck. I have to say, this week the cafeteria at work - that's right - made an awesome brisket. Was I ever surprised!

                                                                      1. re: wincountrygirl

                                                                        have you tried melt?, you are probably near rhem and they make a serious good sandwich.

                                                                        1. re: 51rich

                                                                          Actually, I'm not near them either. I'm almost in Mamaroneck - a good 10 minutes away by car and I don't get out for lunch much(not my idea!. But, I will say I used to work in the heart of WP and did eat at melt. I was underwhelmed by the very dry brisket. Melt did have quite a following from my office. I used to walk up to Iron Tomato.Actually, during the holidays I will be flying solo in my office so I may just take the ride to WP!!