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Jan 25, 2012 04:01 PM

Looking for decent Bakery (Bread)

No one ever answered my quest for lard bread so I have to assume it does not exist here!

Would love to find Jewish Korn bread but I can't even find a good Rye.

My definition of a good bread. Good hearty crust dense moist meaty interior.

The best breads I have found here are all par frozen and finished in an oven here.

1. Pan Plus Hate everything else but the french bread their franchises put out are pretty good!

2. Costco Not done locally but by ?Florida standards Dam Good

3. some of the Italian Breads..Lorenzo's Doris's Passable but not great with poor imitations of semolina bread.

Wouldn't even mind a good sour dough bread either.

I mean anything pressed in a Panini machine is passable but nothing like warm fresh bread out of the oven.

Good bread more difficult then good Pizza

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  1. Epicure Market (Miami Beach) has corn rye, as well as several other types of rye bread. Their challah and french breads are good also.

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    1. re: ruthless2

      Went to Epicure No Corn bread but good rye.. ate half the loaf already... and not really a rip-off price wise either.

      1. re: Bigstu99

        Try the corn rye at Abrahams, we had some last week. It's the best we have found and we have lived here over 30 years.

    2. I've been going to Old School Bakery in Delray Beach for 11 years now. They supply MANY area restaurants.

      A loaf of their multigrain weighs about 5 pounds so that tells you something right off the bat. :-)

      Used to be right in the heart of town in the spot that's now Cabana El Ray...

      But now, they have the commercial bakery on Congess Ave, just W of 95 and just N of Atlantic Ave. At this spot they also have a "day old" door where you can load up on cut-price goodies en masse.

      For retail, stop into their tiny hideaway cafe, it's on Atlantic Ave, JUST west of the Intracoastal, snuggled between the Blue Anchor and Deck 84.

      Say hi to Tess behind the counter who's been greeting folks for over a decade. And get a cup of coffee - it's some of the best stuff I've ever had anywhere. I forget the name and country, but wow...

      Full product list here:

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      1. Anybody do good sourdough? What I've tried isn't sour. Certainly not the sour deliciousness of California sourdough. Perhaps it just can't be made in Florida (California Goldminer is from Illinois).

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          Old Heidelberg Deli on SR 84 in Ft Lauderdale. German Sourdough, probably not the same as San Francisco version. Interesting place, separate deli and restaurant.

          1. re: aynrandgirl

            Joseph's in Boca Center make great sourdough.

            I also bought a French Miche loaf at Panera Bread last week - holy moly it was good

          2. Croissant Time in Ft Lauderdale, North of Sunrise Blvd ob Fed Hwy. With out a douby, the Best Baguette you will have in Florida, hands down, Damn Good Pastries, and Breads as well.Really Good Sour Dough bread also.

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            1. re: SaminSFL

              My favorie for croissants (and pastries) is L'Atelier Monnier on US1 just souuth of N.Kendall Dr--terrific french bakery (the flakiest croissants I've ever had).
              Joanna's Market on SW 67 Ave near US1 has a good selection of breads.

              1. re: SaminSFL

                Looking very hard for real Baguette in Ft. Lauderdale area with no success. Tried Croissant time and it is not at all the real thing. Limp crust and dense interior. Not much better than WonderBread. The quest continues.

                1. re: thelonious777

                  There is a great baker from Montreal who sets up inside the Delaware Chicken Farm produce area (441 south of Sterling) ONLY on weekends. He has all kinds of great crusty breads. We do not live in that area but were lucky enough to stumble upon him once and bought as much as freezer would hold. They thaw and bake beautifully.

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                    Never did find a great baguette, though found a decent one and some very good ciabatta and other breads from Gran Forno on Las Olas (I found it by asking two restaurants with good bread where they got it...same answer both times).

                2. I found a couple of places. Matryoshka Is a Russian Grocer that opened in Sunny Isles 182nd street . They make a great German bread there. They do not sell the bread alone and I don't know where they get it but The Sandwicheer on Atlantic Blvd in Hallandale has the real deal semolina bread for hero's . I don't believe I'm saying this but the old world county Rye at the Publix on Hallandale beach blvd ( have tried it at others just not the same) is pretty dam good!