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Where to buy loose leaf tea in Toronto

I'll be in Toronto Feb 14 and wondering which is the best store for loose leaf teas in Toronto? I am specifically after a great Lapsang Souchong.

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  1. Though I am not a tea drinker so am not sure which one you are talking about. Someone recommended these
    Herbal Infusion, DAVIDsTEA, The Tea Emporium

    1. Depending on where you are in the city, you can try Tealish on the west side and a stand alone shop, Steeped and Infused on the east side (there are 2 locations), or Teaopia, which is more of a chain. All carry the black tea you're after.

      1. In addition to the above, I like Majesteas on the East-end.

        1. There's also the House of Tea on Yonge, just north of Rosedale Subway.

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            Marisha, the owner of House of Tea has years of knowledge about her teas, where they come from, how they should be prepared, etc. Being in her store as she pulls down countless tins for you to appreciate is almost as relaxing as meditation ... http://houseoftea.ca/main/about/

            I like Davids Tea (various locations) for the labeling (very precise), but the people who work there don't really know much more about what they're selling than is already on the lablels ... excellent selection though.

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              Yes. I've bought tea at Ten Ren in Toronto and in Vancouver. The Van store has a much bigger selection. I can see from the responses that I'm going to have a busy day in Toronto trying tea shops! The Toronto store seemed, last time I visited, to have turned into a BubbleTea dispenser!

            2. Try Tao Tea Leaf - they have a huge selection of teas, focusing on Asian teas. They definitely have Lapsang. Check out their site: taotealeaf.com

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              1. Herbal Infusions, 404 Adelaide st, downtown is my faveplace to get loose leaf teas. the staff is great, the variety is amazing. and i love the feel, its so homey and classy at the same time. I even order my tea online from them for delivery if i can"t get down there. I honestly can"t drink other black teas at all. Check em out. Independently owned and operated too.

                1. Thanks to you all. I was going to see" Pina" at TIFF on King so I went to David's and Tealish on Queen St as the most convenient. I bought a small amount of Lapsang in each. So far the David's one doesn't have much oomph! (I tried their high mountain oolong while I was there, and, meh. Haven't tried the Tealish Lapsang yet, but it has a more penetrating odour anyway. I have hope for it. (BTW I also discovered that Sanko right next door to Tealish on Queen is closed on Tuesdays. Boo!)