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Jan 25, 2012 03:47 PM

Visiting Denver - Inviting Your Recommendations (with caveats)

Isn't there always fine print?!? :-D

Suggestions that accommodate these factors are much appreciated:

* Low carb & phytate-free ... for us that simply means no grains (wheat, rice, etc) and no beans, corn, or potatoes. So no pizza, pasta joints, etc., please, unless they are flexible enough to sub.

* Pleasant ambiance ... on the quiet side, designer-decorated unnecessary.

* We're willing to spend up to $20 per person, maybe more for a really special meal that can also accommodate our eating style.

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  1. Wow, that's a tall order. Given your limitations, steak houses seem to be a no-brainer but with the price point, that's out of the question. Good luck!

    1. I'm racking my brain for helpful suggestions, but these restrictions are pretty severe - no rice, wheat, beans or potatoes pretty much rules out the staple foods in the vast majority of the world's cuisines. It sounds like you'd do well in a paleo kind of environment, somewhere that basically does meat and vegetables, but that's hard to find done well at your price point (since carbs and legumes are the cheaper filler ingredients that allow for less-expensive meals). A steakhouse would be good, but no way you get out of a decent one for $20/person. Same with sashimi.

      Sorry, I'm stumped. Anyone else?

      1. How interesting! I kinda expected more from a city as large as Denver, but maybe just now there's not a lot of Denverites perusing this site...

        Don't most steakhouses pair the meat with bread and potatoes?

        This board covers a lot of territory, and postings are somewhat moderate, so my hope for someone with knowledge of substitution-friendly places might be in vain.

        Most restaurants in our home stompin' grounds will sub. some other veg. or a small side salad for the nutritionally-bankrupt starches. Maybe some others will see this thread before we head out west; otherwise I guess we'll find out for ourselves!

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        1. re: Enso

          maybe it would be helpful to hear where you are coming from and what type of cuisine you prefer at home. I think you will find the dining options in Denver varied and folks willing to make reasonable substitutions and accomodations. There are plenty of us who are knowledgeable about Denver dining options so don't be too quick to write us off.