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Jan 25, 2012 03:43 PM

Where can I buy Lizano Salsa in Wilmington or the NC triangle?

It's a longshot but hoping someone will know. I just returned from a trip to Costa Rica, and Lizano Salsa is basically the national sauce (somewhat comparable to HP Sauce, but better IMO).

I can't/won't make gallo pinto without it!

I live in Wilmington but head to the triangle at times, so if you are a fellow Lizano zealot and know where I can get it please let me know. I'm going to try the hot sauce store in Wilmington but wanted to post just in case (it's not actually a hot sauce).


Anyone know of a Costa Rican restaurant.. ?

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    1. I love this stuff too, after discovering it on a trip to CR back on 2006. Its pretty widely available. I think Harris Teeter and Wal Mart both sell it...I know I saw it at the Wal Mart in Southport this past weekend. Compare Foods carries, they have 2 stores in Durham. Most any hispanic or international grocery store should have it.

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        Ah, perfect! I knew Chowhound would come through. Thanks, I'll pick some up soon, then on to gallo pinto and arroz con pollo recipes!