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Jan 25, 2012 02:22 PM

Tuscany stop for cheese near San Casciano - Corzano e Paterno

Has anyone been here to Corzano e Parterno? Looks really interesting.

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  1. I am replying to my own post! Just read a report on tripadvisor about this place and it sounds like a great place to visit. They do tours and tastings of wine, olive oils and cheeses.

    1. Go! The property is quaint and tucked away, but the cheeses and wines are quite special and the staff are lovely. A great find.

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        i take my cooking students there-- it is fabulous and their cheeses are very creative-- not traditional. drive slowly down the dirt road as you can take the bottom of your car out! totally worth it

      2. I had a VERY important birthday there and it was wonderful. Friends from around the world came and we had a wonderful week there all together at a reasonable price, tasting delicious cheeses and wine. On the Saturday I organised a birthday party with a band and we all danced the night away. They are lovely people and I cannot recommend it more highly.