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Jan 25, 2012 01:41 PM

South Beach (north) eats?

My wife is running the marathon this weekend in Miami and we're staying on Collins Ave, up between 17th and 18th Streets. I'm not even sure if that's still considered South Beach, but that's where we'll be and we'll be car-less.

Anyone have any suggestions in that area for "don't miss" places? No restrictions! Walking distance is a plus, but not a requirement.

If we have one big (cab ride) meal, should it be Michaels Genuine?


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  1. Yes it is south beach

    Good restaurants in walking distance otherwise no particular order
    Tudor House
    Osteria del Teatro
    BLT Steak (have not been in since the chef change)
    The Alibi (cheesesteaks)
    Keeses (mediterranean)

    Further but good in south beach (within 2 miles no particular order)
    Any of the Pubbellies
    Shake Shack
    Burger & Beer
    Dining Room
    Joes Stone Crab

    For a big cab ride Michaels or Michy's are good choices, though I doubt it is really worth the cost and inconvenience to do this.

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      I forgot alta mare in south beach. Haven is not bad either (but I would go to one of the ones I mentioned before including alta mare first).

      If you want to do a short cab ride, I would recommend going to either 1500 degrees, scarpetta or hakkasan (I prefer lunch on the weekend at hakkasan).

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        I just heard keeses closed. Sad.

        1. re: tpigeon

          Good news. Keeses reopens January 30th.

      2. Thanks folks! This is great stuff and just what I was looking for.

        What about Monty Trainers Stone Crabs? A friend of a friend of a friend.....says it's a better place than Joe's. Any feelings on that statement?

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        1. re: Bart Hound

          Your friend of a friend is insane.

          1. re: tpigeon

            Don't sugar coat it, give it to me straight!!

        2. How about Puerto Sagua for Cuban. This one came from a friend of my wife! ;-)

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          1. re: Bart Hound

            If you want cuban, puerto sagua is good and is the best cuban on the beach.

            El chalan (peruvian) is about as good as puerto sagua and is close to you.

            1. re: tpigeon

              Awesome, thanks!

              You've been a great help!!