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Jan 25, 2012 01:19 PM

Sausage Meat for Scotch Eggs.

I need some recommendations for the sausage meat for Scotch eggs. I tried scraping the meat from some Bangers but 5 sausages weren't enough to do 3 eggs. The frozen sausage meat was about twice the calories. Anyone have a suggestion on what sausage meat to use?

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  1. Very simple...ground pork, salt, pepper, sage, thyme, and some crackermeal or breadcrumbs. Mix all of these together, then coat your hardboiled eggs and coat the result in some raw egg and then roll them in some more of the breadcrumbs.

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      Thanks Prof. I'll try that next week.

    2. bangers? are you in britain?

      in the us i can buy jones or jimmy dean sausage rolls. just pork and seasoning. i just used that this weekend. one roll coats 6 eggs.

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        The Jones or Jimmy Dean will work, though I'd still add some rusk or crackermeal to those prepared sausage meats. It will give the coating on the Scotch Eggs better texture, and keep the meat coating from shrinking too much, getting tough in the fry, and 'cracking'.

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          i form them, roll in flour, then in egg yolk mixed with mustard, then flour again. then fry and keep warm in the oven while i cook the rest.

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          Actually I'm in Canada and we can buy more or less authentic Bangers from various supermarkets. But buying ground pork and seasoning it seems a good idea. Actually I could go to a couple of restaurants here and get the Scotch eggs but I wanted to get something less commercial.

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            Good plan.
            Besides, ground pork, the spices, and the breadcumbs is precisely what authentic "bangers" are made from. The commercial 'bangers' tend to have a higher ratio of fat-to-lean, and a higher proportion of the breadcrumb filler. Making your own allows you to find the ratios that you prefer.
            Seriously though...don't skip the breadcrumb (or crackermeal) filler in the makes all the difference in the final texture. You do still want to do the raw egg dip and breadcrumb outer coating though.

        3. Whoever came up with the Scotch egg was brilliant. Hot and crispy right out of the fryer or cold and chewy the next day: it's basically a perfect food.

          My choice for meat is always good, quality banger meat (a delicious irony to use English sausage with Scotch eggs!). My suggestion: find good, regular-sized (not breakfast-sized) sausage and you should be fine.

          Oh and about the calories? You're proposing to make a deep-fried, breaded egg-and-sausage soak-up-the-alcohol miracle. May I respectfully suggest that if you're minding the calories, this isn't the best dish to make in the first place! :)

          1. Your eating Scotch Eggs and thinking about calories?? ( - :

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              Actually a quick search of Google will reveal many ways to do Scotch eggs--Baked for eg.