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Jan 25, 2012 01:16 PM

Temple Oranges?

This NYT article got me again thinking about the very seasonal Temple oranges:

Is there anywhere in the Bay Area that sells them? My DH is from Florida and misses them dearly.

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  1. I'm not sure they're exactly the same thing, but I've seen murcotts, Page tangerines, and tangors at Berkeley Bowl and farmers markets.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Wow, thanks Robert. I will have to make a pilgrimage to BB this weekend! I don't suppose there's a BB equivalent on the peninsula?

      1. re: artemis

        Last year I bought some Page tangerines and Murcotts at Sigona's in Palo Alto.

        Sigona's Farmers Market
        399 Stanford Shopping Ctr, Palo Alto, CA

    2. It's the old combined name thing again, example pluot. In this case tangerine-orange tangor.

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      1. re: wolfe

        I still remember temple oranges from when I lived in Michigan many, many years ago. I remember them as sweet but with a good dose of acid. Seems to me the closest thing we get here are mandarins, especially royal mandarins. I've been looking for them at Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Market, but haven't seen any yet this season.

        Googling mandarin orange I get all kinds of definitions, but Sunkist seems to support my theory. They say "Royals are a 'Tangor' or sometimes referred to as a 'Temple' Orange."

        1. re: TopoTail

          I've seen a lot of different mandarins, satsumas, and crosses around here.

      2. I came home from the BBowl last week with a bag of them.
        didn't ever have them before, so I have nothing to compare them with, but I found them delightful.