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Jan 25, 2012 11:14 AM

Critique my Wine Country Plans

We're going to be in wine country for one night/two days in May. Please let me know what you think of our plans...

Day 1:
Lunch - The Girl & The Fig (Sonoma)
Pre Dinner Drinks - Bistro & Bar at Auberge du Soleil (Rutherford)
Dinner - Redd (Yountville)

Day 2:
Breakfast - Bouchon Bakery (Yountville)
Lunch - Solbar (Calistoga)


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  1. We enjoy Redd very much. Auberge du Soleil should be fun for drinks and Buchon for breakfast. Never fond of Girl & The Fig. On our last visit, it was expensive and not that good.
    You can do better. Haven't been so Solbar. There are tons of choices around Yountville and Sonoma, as I'm sure you know. La Salette in Sonoma gets good reviews (haven't been there either).

    1. You have set yourself up for quite a bit of driving if you are having lunch in Sonoma and then drinks at Auberge before dinner. You might be better served staying on the Napa side for your whole day; a lighter lunch at Bouchon, Brassicas, or Cook.

      The rest looks fine.

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        +1. Is the primary goal for this trip to wine taste? Or just drive around and maybe stop at a winery? If your primary goal is to wine taste, this itinerary doesn't really work. You may know this already, but wineries are really only open 11-4 (with some wiggle room at both ends). Your itinerary on Day 1 basically only allows for 2 winery stops guaranteed 1 before lunch in Sonoma and 1 after lunch in Napa. It may take you as long as an hour to get from Sonoma to Napa (if not longer with traffic). This will be esp. problematic if you want to visit a winery that has appointments.

        Day 2 is less problematic but it's still a somewhat long distance in winery terms between Yountville and Calistoga (esp. with traffic!). You're basically limiting yourself to 1 winery, 2 if you are super speedy in the winery heavy stretch from Yountville through St. Helena.