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Jan 25, 2012 10:28 AM

We want GREAT food for dinner!

My husband and I will be staying downtown at the Marriott on Wacker Drive. We'll be celebrating our 5th anniversary with 4 family members (6 total). I cook for a living and want GREAT food. Where can we still get a reservation for 6 only 1.5 weeks out (for a Saturday night)? OR, great places to "walk-in" and wait without a reservation? The Publican is booked, so it Topolobambo... Thank you!!!

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  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Tru and Everest both have seating for six available; those are two of Chicago's finest. I actually happen to have reservations for Tru that night myself.

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      Might also help to get an idea of what you want to spend. Both Tru and Everest made it into the list of Top 10 most expensive restaurants in the US this past week.

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        Can you get by at Everest for $200 pp including two glasses of wine, tax and tip?

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          That surprises me about Tru; they feature a $98 three course dinner. Definitely not cheap, but many, many places cost more. While their tasting menus are more than this, I think there are probably at least ten restaurants in Chicago alone that are pricier. What publication was this?

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            It was based on a review of average tab at the restaurants reviewed. "Average" always impies that you can get away with paying less. And a $98 dinner doesn't mean you end up paying $98 per person.


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            I'd prefer to spend closer to $100 per person....

            I'd also prefer something a bit more laid back. We don't need the fanciest place in Chicago (maybe no fine dining). We want a place that has amazing food, where we can drink, have a great time, and be just a little loud. Sable looks right up our alley - but is very booked!

            Thanks for all your ideas!!!

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              "Sable looks right up our alley - but is very booked!" Really? I ate there on Wednesday and had absolutely no problem getting a table. The place was clearly popular and the bar area was more than hopping but we were seated at the time of our reservation (which I made that same evening). I was pleasantly surprised with the experience (I had only been there for lunch before). Surprised because when we walked in it seemed like such a youngish bar scene that would be too loud for us. It wasn't too terribly loud in the dining area and we had a great time with, for the most part great food, and great cocktails. We had started out planning a fancy dinner out at L20 but I didn't have the energy for that at the end of the day and I liked the idea of shared or not shared small plates and the relaxed atmosphere of ordering as much or as little as your appetite moves you.

              Our server was great and encouraged us to order a new dish when and as we pleased with no hurry. My SO wanted the "deviled eggs" to which I replied "They are ALL yours!" until they arrived. I have never liked deviled eggs but these are amazingly delicious. I wish I knew how she, the chef, Heather Terhuene, makes these. The yolk components don't get the hard boiled treatment but are more of a mousse and mayonnaise or hollandaise creation with a hint of lemon, mushroom and truffle oil. I have been fixated on figuring how to make these ever since.

              Second shared course was the less successful short rib sliders with crispy onions and "root beer glaze". The flavor profile just didn't work for me. We enjoyed the potato and cheese pierogis with the caramelized onion and sour cream. My SO was in comfort food heaven when we got the buttermilk chicken and boozy maple syrup laden waffles which I thought were really good.

              We got out of there fully sated with two cocktails each for around $100 plus tax and tip for both of us. The L20 bill would have been exponentially greater and we really enjoyed ourselves!

        2. I love Sable (at the Hotel Palomar). I travel a few times a year to Chi. Was just there this past weekend and stayed at Palomar again to be able to scarf as much of Heather's food as possible.

          1. Go to Chicago. For Feb 4 there are more than 400 restaurants with openings b/w 6 and 8pm. You can narrow it by cuisine. Or, you can give us a little help and tell us some likes and dislikes beyond "great food" which isn't helpful. Do you have a car and/or are willing to cab it?

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              Thanks for the idea on hoppy... I didn't know you could search that way - thank you!

              We love pretty much all food. American, Italian, Mediterranean, Mexican, Chinese, Sushi, ethnic...

              And yes to having our car, and we're also happy to cab it.

              1. re: cakeladydesigns

                Mercat a la Planxa is also a great place for a group of 6, you can order your way through the menu and have a great time. I took a group of clients recently and it was a nice way to push people outside their comfort zone and try new things (drinking a lot of sangria didn't hurt the process).

            2. I'd consider Naha - call and see if they have availability since I'm not sure they book tables of 6 on opentable.

              1. Naha is a very good suggestion, as is Sable. I would add Graham Elliot.

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                  Sable, Naha, Graham Elliot, Cafe Spiaggia,.....