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NYKers Charleston to Myrtle Beach please help with Myrtle Beach suggestions

We are heading to Charleston to a great B&B and then to Myrtle Beach to visit relatives in the beginning of May. I've been to SC alot and my family is originally from SC but my palate is very NYC. Love Charleston and everything about it...We plan to go to Husk, FIG, High Cotton, Anson's, Hanks, Pearlz/McCrady's for Happy Hour, Gullah Cuisine and Hominy Grill (any other suggestions would be appreciated and I wasn't impressed with Penninsula Grill last time I was down)...More importantly I'm heading to the culinary wasteland known as Myrtle Beach (no offense to the hounders from the area so I apologize for being so harsh). I don't like any of the restaurants in Calabash and was very unimpressed with Greg Norman last time I was down...We are going south MB this time so I looked at restaurants in Murrells Inlet but they all look either pretty bad or God awful! We plan to go to Aspen Grille (good choice?) and cook one night but need another rec.

I don't want to go to a place with a menu with 3 million variations of fried food with a side of frozen veg and baked potato with the sour cream in the individualized plastic container on the side with the sprig of curly parsley for garnish, cuz I can go to City Island in NY for that crap. Also please no chain restaurants. Any help would be SOOOOO appreciated!

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    1. I unequivocally recommend Russell's in Murrell's Inlet. Great seafood, great ambiance, down home. Don't go there expecting to be treated like a queen; go there expecting to be treated like a neighbor. If you get a chance, sit at the bar and watch the fun.

      Russell and his wife are truly nice folks who run a good place.

      Russell's Seafood Grill
      PO Box 303, Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

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        We usually go down to MB from NJ a few times a year & like to go down to Murrells Inlet & are always looking for new places to eat while there. Is Russell's on the Marsh Walk? We've been to Prosser's, Drunken Jacks & the Dead Dog down that area. Where is Russell's in relation to those places? Someone recommended Lee's Inlet Kitchen to us also. Is that place any good?

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          Russell's is at 4906 Hwy 17 Business
          Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

          Easy to find on internet

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            Russells all the way! Russell will most likely meet you at the door with a big smile and a "high, I'm Russell Vereen, we've been waitin' on you"

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              Thanks so much, Tiger66. I'm putting it on my list of places to check out on our next visit.

        2. Apparently chowhound doesnt feel I should respond as I want to so here is my edited version:

          I of course travel to all over the world and consistantly find delightful food in Murrells Inlet / Pawleys. And I very very very seldolm order fried food but I seem to find plenty to choose from...hhhmmmm. And frozen vegtables and food in a plastic cup? Cant say I have ever been given food in a plastic cup other than a road side stand or takeout.

          As far as Aspen Grill...very good

          My picks for you would be Capt Dave Dockiside, Chive Blossom (hard to find info on? Really? maybe its you that is the problem.), Bistro 217, Franks, Perrones, Limpin Janes in Georgetown ...never had a meal at any of those that wasnt on par or better that the Charleston places you mentioned.
          Also in Conway Rivertown Bistro is top knotch as is Crady's. In Myrtle Beach I would also suggest 21 Main or Water scapes...and even Crossoints

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            My post was removed-I don't know why.

            We went to Chive Blossom on Saturday for lunch and I thought it was very nice. The she crab was so good I brought a tub home.

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              I saw the menu for Chive Blossom it looks like a winner! We will definitely be trying it.

          2. Umberto's at Barefoot Landing solid northeast style Italian-American. Minus the bread of course which cannot be duplicated for some reason throughout the South until you get all the way down to South Florida.

            1. Having lived in the DC/MD area for years (and grown up catching/cooking MD's best seafood), I'm sorry if I sound like a snob and say I haven't found a seafood restaurant I like. MB was a shock, but I've found a few favs - Chive Blossom, Bistro 217, and Mama Rue's (Jamaican & blues), all in Pawleys Island. In MB - Habibi's Cafe (Lebanese), Aspen Grille, Indo (Thai) in MB and Rivertown Bistro in Conway.

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                Thanks BeachBacchus...I'm glad that the hounders are raving about Chive Blossom it's a must do then! I think Aspen Grille is worth a shot too, probably will just cook the rest of the time were there and catch up with family. Thanks again all for the suggestions.

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                  Rivertown Bistro is excellent and rivals many a big city!