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Jan 25, 2012 10:01 AM

Pubbelly or Sugarcane?

My daughter and I will be in Miami March 19th for 4 days. We are foodies and I've come up with the following dinners:

Mon Michael's Genuine Food
Tues Scarpetta
Wed Pubbelly
Thurs Sardinia

I've just recently read about Sugarcane and it sounds great! Trying to figure out how to squeeze it in. Our lunches will revolve around where we are at the moment (plan to do alot of shopping)! Menu seems most similar to Pubbelly-should I switch? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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  1. Both are good and worth the trip. If you're looking at grouping them to where you are at the moment, Pubbelly and Sardinia are close to each other in South Beach while Sugarcane and Michael's are close to each other in the Midtown/Design District area. None of them are in the heart of a shopping mecca so you'd have to go out of your way a bit from where you plan to shop (I'm assuming Lincoln Rd and Collins Ave in South Beach and Bal Harbor/Aventura on the mainland). Regardless, all your choices are great and you won't be disappointed.

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      Maybe they should just do makoto instead of either sugarcane or pubbelly if going to bal harbour.

      1. re: tpigeon

        Actually was planning to have lunch at Makoto when we go to Bal Harbour Shoppes! It didn't seem that similar to Pubbelly (or Sugarcane). Am I wrong? Also planning on shopping Lincoln Rd/Collins Ave and Village at Merrick Park. Any lunch recommendations would be great! Thanks!

        1. re: FeliciaYP

          Cafe at Books and Books on Lincoln.

          1. re: FeliciaYP

            It is not similar (not asian fusion) but Makoto is very good though so your overall enjoyment would be similar to pubbelly and sugarcane.

            You should go to Francesco for lunch if your are going to Merrick Park.

            I would do Yardbird ,Shake Shack or Tudor House for lunch over books and books when shopping on lincoln and collins ave. Keeses is good for a really quick bite (get their mediterranean stuff).

              1. re: FeliciaYP

                Keeses is closed until Jan 30th btw.

                edit: nevermind, you are coming in march.

      2. Maybe I'm ordering wrong but i consistantly find the food in Pubbelly
        to be VERY salty. Much prefer Sugarcane. Also both have high noise levels inside and Sugarcane has a much larger outdoor dining area if you prefer lower decibal levels.