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Jan 25, 2012 09:51 AM

Revel Restaurant line up

First off, I never know whether to post Atlantic City stuff here on the Philly board or in the NJ Board, so if this has to be moved, that's okay by me

The Revel in Atlantic City is set to open in 107 days (11 hours 15 minutes... ) according to the countdown clock on the website.

Iron Chef Garces has 3 (count em' THREE) restaurants: Amada, Village Whiskey and Distrito Cantina

Iron Chef Marc Forgione opening (what else?) a steak-house American Cut

Chef Robert Wiedmaier will be opening Mussel Bar (a 'gastro-pub' type experience)

Chef Alain Allegretti will be opening Azure,
I'm still not sure exactly how to categorize what they're envisioning for this, but if the menu is reflective of their description, I'd be wiling to give it a shot

Are you excited for any of these?

Do you think that POSSIBLY Garces has stretched himself too far?

will you order the Tomahawk chop at American Cut?

Inquiring minds want to know?
(I am the inquiring mind)

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  1. Not to mention it was just announced Garces is opening two more restaurants in Phoenix. It definitely deserves the term empire now. I just cannot believe that AC can support all these restaurants. Starr has already had problems down there.

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      I know it's a side coversation, but I think worth having... do you think that Garces can maintain a level of excellence (though that's questionable already to some) when there are so many restuarants?

      I don't think that AC Can support them. Gaming is still down with the legalization in PA and then even moreso with the table games opening up here... less gaming means less people, less people = less bodies to put in seats at tables
      If they're trying to make AC more like LV, they have a lot further to go than good dining and a shiny new casino