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Jan 25, 2012 09:33 AM

leftover fine cheeses

after a gathering with friends over the weekend i find myself in possession of more than a few wedges of leftover cheese.

triple cream brie
very sharp blue
another gooey soft cheese, brie-like but runnier
pepper jack

besides the obvious option of buying fresh bread and having at it - i'd love some suggestions on how to use up the leftovers.

oh, we already stuffed burgers with some blue last night...

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  1. I see the makings of cheese souffle, mac and cheese, cheese fondue, cheese quiche, or cheese soup. Or some really killer grilled cheese sandwiches with cornichons to cut through the richness.

    1. keeping it rather simple, you can use puff pastry and make cheese and meat puffs matching the cheeses with the right meat, or even a vegetable.

      i.e. Jarlsberg with an imported ham, brie with brown sugar and chopped nuts of your choice, sharp blue with sliced Roast beef, your "gooey" cheese with some sauteed diced prosciutto, and the pepper jack with shredded pork or beef. Instead of puff pastry, you can use crescent roll sheets and make hot little sandwiches or cut small squares and push them into a mini-muffin pan with the above pairings to make puffs.

      Of course, you can get even more elaborate depending on what components you would use with all that cheese.

      1. Make a batch of ritzy mac and cheese, depending on how much cheese you have it can be a big or small batch. If it is a big batch, you can freeze chunks and enjoy at a later date without having to eat the whole thing right away. Barefoot Contessa recipe works whenever I have cheeses starting to go south.

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          +1 I know you've already made something else but "fancy mac and cheese" is my go to after a party when I have lots of random cheese pieces left over in the fridge. I'll even toss in other things I have left over from the part - veggies, meats, etc.

          1. Fromage fort. Blend the pieces of cheese with white wine or stock, spread on toast, run under the broiler.


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              this fromage fort sounds great too, i do love me some Jaques Pepin. thanks!

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                I can vouch for this recipe. If you don't drink wine, you just use stock to loosen the cheese. And if you don't like white wine, you can use port or sherry. Either way, it works as a cold spread, even better toasted until it's bubbly under the broiler, and cheaper than those chemical-laden cheese-food spreads in the grocery store.