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Jan 25, 2012 09:05 AM

Full review [Le Select]

Last Sunday (Jan. 22) my friend and I went to Le Select for supper. Good reception. The decor would gain by having mirrors and partitions with 'banquettes', like the real bistrots in France. That would also decrease the noise level from groups of patrons. We ordered a Kir Royal. We placed our order and asked for a full bottle of Reisling. The whole thing arrived before we were through with the Kir. My friend had been ordering the Squash and Ginger soup, a Tarte niçoise and a Loup de mer (Bass) with frites allumettes on the side. She loved every bite of the whole thing. I had the choucroute garnie with Pork hocks, pork sides and sausages. The sauerkroute was caramelized, not at all the kind you would be served in Alsace. The Montbéliard and Strasbourg sausages were the same you can find at Metro or Loblaws, in their pork casings. Three bites were enough to discourage me. I sent it back after three bites but no one asked me if there was a problem with the dish.
My friend had a crème brûlée. She liked it. I had the Ile flottante : nothing spectacular.
The whole thing, wine and tip included, came to $200.00
My comment: Le Select is neither a French Bistro nor a Québécois restaurant, tho it tries to copy both at the same time.

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  1. Somehow that doesn't sound like a meal worth blowing $200 on. What did you think of the price?

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      I found the price extravagant. There are many restaurants in Toronto where to have an excellent meal for much less.

      1. re: lamaranthe

        You can get the same soup, creme brulee and steak frites for $35. Looks like you spent almost half that $200 on alcohol.

        1. re: iMarilyn

          Yes? Please tell me where. Thanks !

          1. re: lamaranthe

            The prix fixe I was talking about is at Le Select.

    2. I really enjoy Le Select for a casual meal. It isn't fine dining IMO and I don't expect it to be and at $200 with a bottle of wine and two drinks that's just not possible, again IMO.

      I do have to say, I LOVE the Ile flottante and I'm personally unaware of anywhere else I can get it in Toronto. Where have you had it here that is better? I would be willing to make a trip to a resto just for that!

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      1. re: JennaBean

        First time I had Ile flottante in a restaurant. And BTW, yes it is possible : I have the bill to prove it.

        1. re: lamaranthe

          I've been to Le Select a few times and it is more than possible to leave with a $200 bill tax and tips in. In terms of quality, The first couple of times the food has been okay to above average, but the last time I went their mussels were extremely overcooked and was loaded with garlic. I do have a feeling that the quality has gone down a little. I don't mind the ambience, but it does get loud at times. I enjoyed dining at the bar though.

          I do agree that there are a number of places in Toronto where $200 would get you better food. But if you're in the neighbourhood and want a quick casual bite, it's still not the worst place to go.

          1. re: ragged25

            Yes, the prix fixe at the bar and watching the wine list could be a good option. Inviting a friend ''carte blanche'' is certainly not the best idea. The place is noisy and the decor is not attractive. I got had by good reviews...

        2. re: JennaBean

          You can get Ile Flottante at Jacques Bistro Du Parc on Cumberland Ave in Yorkville.

          1. re: meatnveg

            I will have to make a special trip! I'm not much of a Yorkville person but I will be if they have a nice Ile Flottante!

        3. I placed Le Select in my top ten for last year. There are several reasons why we continually go back; the pricing is fair, service has always been good, they have a good selection of beers and wines, we like the decor and ambience, and the food is consistent with certain items being great/best in the city (the steak, lamb burger, croque monsieur/madame, and their fries.) This has been our experiences.
          I find it difficult at just about any restaurant/bistro to have 3 courses with some wine for much less than $100 pp.

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          1. re: dubchild

            i agree with the positive comments about le select, as well as the assumptions about the price of the wine.

            it is a neighbourhood resto, rather than a destination spot (we live right next door and have called and ordered french onion soup for take out...they let us take the bowls home and just return them the next day...). that said, they have always provided us consistent service and food at a very fair price

            1. re: downtownfoodie

              Went there with a group last Thursday and I would categorize the food as competent, but not inspiring. The service was excellent though -- not "fine dining" excellent, but very professional. Our first bottle of wine was corked, and as one should expect, there was absolutely no quibbling about taking it back ...

            2. re: dubchild

              Wish they would change up the menu a bit or offer daily offerings menu.

            3. The original comment has been removed