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Jan 25, 2012 08:51 AM

Meriden/Middletown Seafood?

Headed to Meriden/Middletown area and am looking for a good dinner spot for seafood. any ideas are welcomed! Thanks

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  1. I used to live in central CT and good seafood specialty places there are few and far between. The shoreline where I am now has many more high end restaurants as well as clam shacks, but you asked about Meriden/Middletown.

    I believe Westbrook Lobster, in Wallingford may be your best bet near Meriden. In Middletown, though I am not a regular there, I have found good (ethnic) seafood at Thai restaurants like Typhoon and Thai Gardens, and have noted at least one seafood entree on the menu at both Luce and It's Only Natural, and I enjoyed the fish tacos at Iguanas Ranas once. You can find posts about these places by searching Chowhound's archives, or you can check their menus online.

    1. Close Harbor Seafood in the Plantsville section of Southington has good seafood -- as long as you don't mind eating in a (very clean) fish market.

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        Your timing was perfect...thanks! We were just about to scrounge around for a place for dinner when I saw your post. We did, in fact, try close harbor seafood and were very pleasantly surprised...the steamers, shrimp and steamed lobster were all wonderful and the wait staff was very pleasant. Keep in mind that it is a BYOB. The owner was at the restaurant and visited our table several times to make sure all was well and chat with us. The evening was enjoyable and we will definitely be back.