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Need a suggestion for one dinner - some restrictions

I'll be in San Francisco for two nights next month. Never been there before (well not in the last 25 years, anyway) so really don't know the city at all. Anyway I've booked dinner at Aziza for one night - which I'm looking forward to. But I need one more suggestion. It would be a much easier decision if it weren't for the following: one of us is kosher-ish, in that she doesn't eat meat or shellfish when dining out. Fish is fine as are vegetarian dishes. We'll be staying somewhere central - not sure exactly where yet - and since it's the first night would probably prefer not to have to travel too far. Wondering about Zuni Cafe? I was looking at Camino but it's in Oakland. Italian, seafood, Mexican are all good. Not so much Asian or Indian. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Ok so no responses so far. I'm not taking it personally....

    Any comments about SPQR or Bocadillos? And anyone have experience at Camino?

    1. I don't know any restaurants in the bay that have real kosher kitchens. I would suggest Greens as a nice vegetarian restaurant. Quince was able to make us a vegetarian tasting menu. Delifina has meat free pasta dishes. AQ doesn't have many vegetarian dishes but usually has 2 fish dishes and are good with restrictions.

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        Don't need a kosher restaurant, just someplace that has options with no meat or shellfish. She's not that picky.

      2. Cotogna also fits the bill if Quince is too high a price point.

          1. How about Firefly?

            Firefly Restaurant
            4288 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

              1. kosher-ish : "meat and shellfish" is very peculiar. Chicken is very kosher friendly. Some fish is not kosher (eel, shark). What are we really talking about here?

                To the gent who said "I don't know any restaurants with ... real kosher kitchens".

                Most upscale SF restaurants are very poor for vegetarians. The best you'll do it a couple of solid fish dishes. Mexican is very bad for veg. Italian is your best choice - perhaps Perbacco or Barbacco if you like wine.

                Boulevard is bad for vegetarians. I went with my sister and had a very embarrassing meal. The kitchen was not very accommodating.

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                  Is Mountain View now a part of San Francisco? well it's good to know about if my NYC relatives actually drove anywhere that they can trek to suburbs here for kosher food.

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                    "I don't know any restaurants in the bay that have real kosher kitchens." - tjinsf

                    Mountain View is "in the bay"

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                    Maybe I wasn't clear. My friend is kosher at home but not strictly so when eating out. She will eat fish and vegetarian (cheese, dairy, eggs all ok) at any restaurant but will not eat unkosher meat or poultry or any shellfish. I didn't mean this to be a comment on levels of observance - just a request for restaurant suggestions that might have something that would be acceptable to my friend. Chowhound is always my first source for help when looking for restaurants in unfamiliar cities and has rarely let me down.

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                      Too bad about oakland - I would steer you to Enquentro.

                      I'm sticking with Perbacco; take a look at the menu.

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                        Will look at both Enquentro and Perbacco. Thanks for the suggestions.

                  3. Kokkari...love their whole grilled fish & they also have some great veg. apps.


                    1. Bar Crudo or Hayes Street Grill would probably work, lots of non-shellfish seafood. Hayes Street is a modern version of Tadich or Sam's, better ingredients and cooking.

                      Barbacco might be a better fit than Perbacco.

                      Zuni's great but the menu's short and changes daily. Depending on the luck of the draw your friend might not have much to choose from.


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                        And the winner is - Hayes Street Grill. Looks perfect. Thank you!

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                          I has a lunch at Hayes Street Grill before a holiday Nutcracker performance in December, after not being there in years. It was quite good. I had Pan Fried Drake's Estero Oysters, Tartar Sauce, Cole Slaw, French Fries.