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Robbie Burns Day?

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Does anyone know of any places celebrating Robbie Burns day today? Restaurants, pubs, museums, any tips are welcome!


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  1. The Haven in JP has the last of three nights tonight. However, according to their website they are sold out.

    1. http://www.bostonchefs.com/news/event...

      1. not to be pedantic but the term is Robert Burns Day or Rabbie Burns Day NOT Robbie.

        1. flora in Arlington is having a special program and dinner http://www.florarestaurant.com/index.... and The Haven in JP is having a dinner http://thehavenjp.com/2012/01/tickets...

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          1. re: Small Plates

            A Burns' Night without haggis? That's baffling.

          2. Bondir had one last night. I'm hoping someone will report.