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Jan 25, 2012 07:26 AM

Vancouver/ Whistler suggestions please

Looking for one dinner suggestion in Vancouver downtown area and two Whistler dinners. I am vegetarian but don't usually care for vegetarian-specific restaurants. In Montreal I am able to find great chefs that specialize in market cuisine that know how to prepare/present vegetables and can happily accommodate me with a meat-free, fish-free dish using the veggie sides offered on the regular menu.
Plate presentation is very important to me (I like my eye-candy!). Interesting decor is a plus. Considerations in Whistler are:
Aura at Nita Lake Lodge

Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Not downtown, but West restaurant on south Granville (a~$10 cab ride from downtown) should fit the bill (note, I haven't been there since Quang Dang has taken the helm) - refined presentation, great vegetarian tasting menu

    I believe Hawksworth will prepare a vegetarian tasting menu upon request. Though I've not been happy with my experience there (tables too crowded, very noisy, inattentive service), many others report very positive experiences. The food is very artfully presented.

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      Thanks so much. Just found out that we have friends joining us so will run it by them. I suspect that Hawksworth is not my scene.