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Jan 25, 2012 07:25 AM

fort lauderdale happy hours

would appreciate recommendations for best happy hours in fort lauderdale. girls week coming up!

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  1. I strongly recommend Market 17. If you sit at the bar, the drinks and apps are all half-priced during happy hour.

    1. Coconuts. Sit outside, overlooking the marina, enjoying the weather. Decent list of appetizers, good food, but the best is sitting outside in January, and wondering what your Northern friends are doing right then.

      1. Timpano, Yolo, Blue Martini, Trulucks

        1. Tarpon Bend and surrounding bars/restaurants.

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          1. Oh and if you are just having drinks without food - I recommend the Mai Kai - nothing says fun like tiki bar. And Pelican Grand Beach Resort has one of the nicest places to sit and enjoy a bourbon in Ft. Lauderdale.