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CSA Share North Shore of Boston (near Wakefield)

Hi everyone out there in Chowhound world!!!! I really could use your help in finding a 2012 CSA Share North of Boston. I live in the Wakefield area and work in Cambridge (Kendall Sq). I just found out that my farm isn't doing their CSA share this year. I am looking for something that is yummy, all veggies (maybe some fruit). Any suggestions?!?! Please help!!!!

Thank you all in advance!

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  1. We're in Melrose and have been members of Farm Direct Coop for 8 years. You pick up in Melrose on either Tuesdays or Thursdays until 7pm(?) and they buy from a few different farmers, with an emphasis on local and sustainable, and organic when possible. They offer two sizes of fruit and veggie shares, a cheese share, herb share and bread share. http://www.farmdirectcoop.org/

    I like it a lot but honestly, if I lived in Wakefield, I'd probably just shop at the farmer's market on a weekly basis. You get some great vendors there and then you get to pick just what you want and as much as you want.

    1. The CSA I'm in, First Light Farm has a pickup in Lynnfield. http://www.firstlightfarmcsa.com/

      1. We've had the CSA from Farmer Dave's in Dracut for a number of years with good success. They have a weekday evening pick-up in Somerville (next to the Stop & Shop at Rt. 28 and Rt. 93), so it may be on your way home between Kendall and Wakefield. They do both veggie and fruit shares.


        1. If you can get Farmer Dave's I highly recommend their CSA.

          1. I have Farmer Daves. They still have openings for both their fruit and vegetable shares. (Sold separately.) They have a pick up in Reading which would be closest to you. They also have Somerville and Malden which are probably on your way home. Highly recommended. I have also done First Light Farm and second that recommendation as well. Depending upon where you are in Wakefield, it may be closer than Reading.

            1. Hi Elizabeth, can I ask which CSA you ended up signing up for? We just moved to the Wakefield area and are trying to find a CSA for this summer.

              Our CSA in Toronto was market-style, and I'd like to find one like that here (we got burned with a previous pre-boxed CSA and endless cabbages). It looks like Warner Farm offers a market-style pick-up in Woburn... does anyone have any experience with them or other suggestions?


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                Welcome to the area! You could take a look at Farm Direct Coop http://www.farmdirectcoop.org/ which sounds like the type you are looking for. Some items are "must takes" but most are "choose 2 from these 5 options" or the like. They have a wait list for the Melrose location, which is closest to you (pickups are Tuesdays or Thursdays), so you should contact them as soon as possible.

                However, the Wakefield Farmer's Market is pretty good, so you may not need a CSA to get what you are looking for, as long as you can get there at market time on Saturday mornings. Melrose has a market as well, with fewer vendors but they do try to expand. That market is on Thursday afternoons.

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                  Thanks, Chris! I didn't know Melrose had a farmer's market too - my realtor said the one in Wakefield is good. Honestly, part of the appeal of the CSA model for me is as a way to keep my farmer's market spending in check! I will take a look at Farm Direct Coop - sounds great!

              2. Peabody is going to be partnering with Silverbrook Farm from Dartmouth this season for residents to have the opportunity to join a CSA, It does not indicate whether it's limited to Peabody residents only and I wouldn't think it should be. It also doesn't indicate how many shares they are selling.

                From what I understand there are two informational seminars tonight one at the West Branch Library and one at the Main Library. I know the Main Library's time for this seminar is 6:30PM.

                You could probably call the library for more specifics about the program.

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                  Thanks, Marilu - Peabody is a bit far for me, but that is a brilliant idea to have a town-sponsored CSA... I will have to see about bringing one to my town next year!