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Jan 25, 2012 06:18 AM

Dinner Tonight...Montgomery County.

I need to meet up with friends somewhere between Phoenixville and Blue Bell. Anyone know of anything along that route? Anything goes.......Perhaps along Germantown pike?


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  1. Not sure what you had in mind, but at the corner of 202 & Skippack Pike in Blue Bell there is a good place called Buonissimo's. Italian (obviously,) casual, BYOB, and inexpensive. The owner used to be the chef at Trinacria, a more upscale restaurant nearby. So you get great quality at good prices.

    1. Thai Orchid in Blue Bell is a nice little restaurant that you might consider. The food is quite good and it's not too expensive. It's in a shopping center at the juncture of Township Line Road and 202. Oh, and it's BYOB, if that's a consideration.

      1. If you like Indian, Aman's in Norristown (it's actually in the shopping center where 202 and Germantown Pike meet) has been really good lately. I think they brought in some new people to help out and there are some new and excellent specials on the menu. Bluefin's new location is in the same shopping center. I haven't been there since they moved so I don't know if it's still impossible to get in on short notice.

        There's also Pho Thai Nam on Germantown Pike, I'm not a huge fan of it but if you're in the mood for that kind of thing it's good. I prefer Thai Orchid though.

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          Tamarindo's Mexican BYOB in Blue Bell is great. I haven't been in awhile, but they used to serve free margaritas!

        2. I read that the Sly Fox is having Burns night tonight. Wish I could go and hear them pipe in the haggis.

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            Some of these suggestions may or may not be good, but some mentioned are hardly "between Phoenixville and Blue Bell" (more like in Blue Bell) or "along Germantown Pike".

            If you like beer and good burgers, you could try Capone's on Germantown Pike in E. Norriton, but that's also much closer to Blue Bell than Phoenixville.