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Jan 25, 2012 06:18 AM

Saturday Lunch in Miami/Miami Beach, Dining Solo

I'm heading down to the Miami Beach Convention Center this Saturday afternoon, probably be finished around noon or 1.

Afterwards I was thinking might be nice for this Palm Beach County kid to check out some of the hot spots I hear about so often. I'm willing to drive "out of the way".

Type of food not critical, I'd just like to sample some of the great stuff happening these days. That could also mean I'd be looking at several small plates/apps rather then one entree.

I'll be solo, so something casual-ish and perhaps with a counter/bar might be good. But obviously, they have to be open for lunch on Saturday.

Maybe Pubbelly, MGFD, Sugarcane, or Yardbird?

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  1. of the four you listed, ive only gotten to go to yardbird so far, but it definitely gets my stamp of approval! their brunch menu on the weekends is delicious! the chicken biscuits are crazy good

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      I second Yardbird. I don't think MGFD is open for brunch/lunch on Saturday. Yardbird is best food (in my opinion) and easiet to get to from the MB Convention Center. It is a nice, easy walk.

    2. Pubbelly doesn't do lunch service and MGFD doesn't do lunch on Saturday. Either Sugarcane or Yardbird are good calls.

      I had sort of mixed feelings about the food at Yardbird - thought it was good but could be better. But it is a good menu for trying a few things while sitting at the bar (I'd recommend the "Southern Edamame," the Melons & Cheese, and the Chicken Biscuits). It is also a nice walk from the MBCC.

      I've always had pretty good experiences at Sugarcane but haven't been in a while. Also a good place to eat the bar.

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        The bignets are the best thing going at Yardbird. Yardbird is the most convenient (less than 1/2 mile). Tudor house and the Dutch are good choices as well and are walkable (3/4 mile walk). I actually prefer the fried chicken at the Dutch over Yardbird. Yardbird wins bignets but Dutch has better pies.

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          I think the food is much better @ the Dutch than @ Tudor House and that Tudor House would be dead for lunch.

          A couple of other nice suggestions where the setting, views and experience would outweigh the good, but not great food would be: Blue Door at the Delano outdoor seating and the restaurant at the Ritz (the one that is furthest east and is on the same level as the boardwalk/paverwalk). The Ritz restaurant has an incredible view of the beach, ocean and boardwalk. You can get out of there for less than $25 for lunch if you order somewhat carefully and you get a nice, complementary starter of hummus, tapanade and roasted nuts (or something like that). Both are less than 1/2 mile from the convention center.

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            Blue Door is no more, it's now an Italian place called Bianca which is relatively untested. Even though I think Sugarcane is great, it'd probably be best to stick somewhere on the beach. Haven't been to Yardbird for brunch but it's convenient and probably busy. Had lunch at The Dutch last Saturday and it was a great, mellow lunch, albeit quiet (inside was completely empty as everyone chose outside to dine). As an aside I wasn't a fan of the Dutch's fried chicken - the chicken itself was tasty from the buttermilk marinade but I found the breading to be way to thick. The biscuits and slaw that accompanied it were phenomenal, as was the pie for dessert.

      2. Also don't forget shake shack.

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          Actually I hit the Shack when I was in the area last year this same weekend for the same event. Plus I go to NYC often enough that I'd rather try something Miami-centric. But thanks for the reminder anyway.

          The Dutch looks interesting. Especially because I'm not a big brunch person, I'd much rather have lunch. And it looks like some or most of the other suggestions do brunch not lunch on Saturday, even in the early afternoon. Whereas it looks like The Dutch has their normal lunch menu avail.

          Thanks to all for the good ideas so far. I'll report back.

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            Just so you know, the Dutch is also an NYC import. Just thought I'd share to the extent you're still tossed between it and Yardbird.

            *Oops, just noticed this was an old post but looks like the info could still be helpful since you're headed back to Miami.

        2. Well, if I can't do MGFD...

          How about Harry's Pizzeria?


          (BTW does anyone else see their website navigation disappear instantly? I'm on IE9).

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            I've enjoyed Harry's but the comments on my blog would suggest that opinions are divided (and strong, as they always seem to be with pizza). It's not a traditional pizza of any type, the crust is rather thin and crispy, but the toppings (there are about 10 different variations) are the same kind of fresh, local, in-house stuff that you get at MGFD and I really enjoy them. My favorites are probably the MGFD Bacon (with bacon, potatoes, onions, gruyere, no red sauce) and the Pesto with house-made ricotta and fresh tomatoes.

            It is a short menu and there's really nothing to get as an "entrée" other than pizza, so be sure you're in the mood for pizza.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              I'm a thin crust guy so that sounds good.

              Something interesting with pork belly or I guess the closest thing (bacon) - and/or other innovative ingredients sounds just fine.

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                I'm also a fan of Harry's pizza and, if youre in the mood for pizza, that would be a good call. The Dutch is also a great call, even better if they have a lobstah roll back on the menu (I think they replaced with a rock shrimp roll or something but not sure).

                BTW, was up your way yesterday and went to Linda Beans again for a lobstah roll. Best lobstah roll I've had outside of New England, hands down. One thing I noticed that was kinda odd was that they used a wheat bun this time. I'm guessing maybe they ran out of the white ones because I was there a month ago and had the same thing on the regular white split-top bun.

                1. re: Blind Mind

                  The shrimp po boy which I think you are referring to at the Dutch is overpriced but oh so good.

                  1. re: tpigeon

                    I really have no idea what I'm referring to since I haven't had it. But, I did have the overpriced but oh so good lobstah roll so I suppose it would make sense that they replaced it with the overpriced but oh so good shrimp po boy.

              2. re: Frodnesor

                I'm a bit worried about Harry's after finding this expert review on Ye1p:

                "They do go skimpy on the toppings...=( since I'm used to dominoes pizza toppings style I can't five it 5 stars."

                But maybe I'll give it a shot anyway...

                1. re: CFByrne

                  You should call Papo Llega y Pon to see if they are open today. If they are, you should do this for lunch. Ask for a large pork sandwich with everything and load on the hot sauce (I actually borrow one of their hot sauce bottles and put a bunch on myself.

                  Once you hit the right amount of hot sauce, this sandwich is magical. It is the best pork sandwich I have had anywhere. They have an area where you can sit btw just ask them. There is always someone there who speaks half decent english.

                  You should check out burger beast's report. The only issue I had with it is he understates how good the sandwich is (the one commenter on the article agrees with me).

                  Edit: Here is the link to the article. There are now 2 comments. Neither are from me.


                  If Papo is not open. Try sakaya kitchen. It is great.

                  Edit 2: If you are in the mood for sushi. Sushi deli is second only to NAOE (which is closed until February) in miami but much less pricy.

            2. The Dutch- I think they pulled the lobster roll off the menu. If it's back I recommend it.
              Tudor House- pork belly Cuban sandwich is great.
              If you want to be a little more aggressive (for 1) I would get the dim sum platter at Hakkasan.
              You could also hit Yakko-San on your way home.