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Jan 25, 2012 04:14 AM

Riviera/Sunrise Hospital

Have to stay at Riviera for surgery at Sunrise hospital. Anything reasonable in that area? Will have car and like simple, good, cheap, American food....burgers, steaks, sandwiches. Thank you

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  1. Riviera is an easy walk to the Fashion show mall, here's a list of what's there, you can check websites for the individual restaurants for info on happy hour specials etc.

    1. Another option very close to the Riviera is the "Peppermill". It is relatively inexpensive and definitely an interesting place to eat. I haven't eaten there in a while, but there portions were definitely on the large side! Link below:

      1. The Peppermill was the first place that occurred to me. It's a very short walk from the Riv. It's a little pricey for a coffee shop, but the portions are huge and cheaper than most hotel equivalents. Open 24/7, with decent coffee and usually wonderful service. Capriotti's is a regional chain that has good sandwiches, and there's one location at 324 West Sahara, just a little out of your way if you are coming back or going to the hospital. Good luck with the surgery.

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          R Steak and Seafood has recently opened in the Riviera with menu prices that are low by Strip standards. The reviews and comments I have read have been almost uniformly positive.

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            The is an outlet of Grimaldi's Pizza in the Fashion Show Mall.

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              Have you tried it? I don't think much of the Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.

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                I ate at the Grimaldi's in Henderson a few times and thought the pizza was second to Settebello though that was before places such as Due Forni and Dom DeMarco's opened.