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Jan 25, 2012 12:12 AM

dessert only at Emerils?

I will be visiting New Orleans for the first time (yay!) in April. I have been reading every post on here and am getting a good list of where I want to eat. If I don't want to get dinner, can I just go to the bar and get a drink and dessert late one night at some of the higher end restaurants such as Emeril's ? Is that frowned upon or welcome? What about getting some banana cream pie to go?

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  1. You can order dessert at many restaurant bars. We got banana cream pie tske out after dinner at Emerils. Don't know if you can just walk in and get take out. Perhaps if you have a cocktail at the bar the bartender will fix you up.

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      If you want to take 30 minutes to enjoy a few drinks, the chocolate souffle is to die for. That is if they would do desserts only at the bar. I honestly don't see why they wouldn't. People sit at the bar and do appetizers only and drinks. Good luck and enjoy.

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        Better still, go to August for their nougatine with chocolate bavois and salted toffee ice cream and Pere Roux banana "cake" with white chocolate. They will definitely serve you at the bar. Both Emeril's and August are open for lunch till 2 M-F.

    2. Yes, they will allow dessert and drinks. Last summer, four of us went in for drinks and dessert. We were seated close to the front. The service was as great as normal.