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Jan 24, 2012 11:00 PM

Morristown Recommendations

Meeting friends in Morristown for Sat nite dinner in two weeks. We picked Morristown because it seems to be a good meeting place between us in Clinton (Hunterdon) area and friends coming from Mahwah, however, we don't know Morristown restaurants at all. I'm partial to ethnic and thus far have found the following on the web. Any recent experiences with the following? I'd like a place that's upbeat and lively in addition to good food. I'm very open to any other recommendations:

Marjan (Persian)

Pamir (Afghan)

Hibiscus (Carribean)

Mehndi (Indian)

Aikou (Asian)

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  1. No responses - does that mean no CH'ers have dined at any of the above? That's not a good sign. Are there other places in along 287 between Morristown area and Mahwah you'd recommend instead?

    1. I can strongly endorse either Marjan or Pamir, both have excellent renditions of their cuisines. Pamir is the nicer space, though. I have heard good things about both Aikou and Mehndi, though i have never been. Hibiscus gets a lot of traffic on TripAdvisor, but, honestly, no one around here talks about the place.

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      1. re: bropaul

        I concur with Marjan or Pamir. Both are good. I love Mendhi, but they do have a liquor license. It makes them the most expensive of those that you mention. It is very fine Indian food, the restaurant is beautiful, and they do some very lovely cocktails with unique ingredients. Just because of the fact that the bill is always over $100 we just don't go there that often. I have never tried Aikou, but we rarely go out for Japanese. I have never been tempted to try Hibiscus because I think of it as a "hotel" restaurant. However, Mendhi is located in a hotel, too.

        1. re: Marie07960

          I have not eaten at Mendhi but I have had cocktails at the SM23 -- the mixology bar that I believe serves Mendhi. I'm not a fancy-cocktail person but they had some of the best, most unique cocktails I've ever had. Very fresh and balanced flavors. Loved the cracked pepper martini and the spicy chili margarita. Not cheap but fair for what you get.

      2. Bropaul, Marie, and Sadie - - Thanks for your reviews and recommendations. If there are other places in Morristown or close to 287 that you would also recommend, please suggest them.

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        1. re: Forklaw

          Our current favorite is Mockingbird Cafe in Basking Ridge. They are about four miles off of 287 (Maple Avenue Exit). I would call the menu American and dinner always has an excellent range of appetizers and entrees. They also offer more casual choices like burgers or chile for those looking for something different. Breakfast is incredible, but I've never been there for lunch so I can't comment on that. It's BYOB and they only take reservations for larger parties (I think it's 5). If you can get there between 6;00 and 6:30, it's usually not a problem.

          1. re: Marie07960

            Marie, how busy is it for breakfast on the weekend? Lunch?

          2. re: Forklaw

            Not ethnic and not a BYO, the Montville Inn is less than a mile from 287I not sure what the exit number is, but it's Rt 202/Lincoln Park). A eclectic mix of food and drink. It can get very busy on weekends.

            1. re: Forklaw

              Forklaw, think about driving into Madison (not that far) to have dinner at Resto, Rob's Bistro or the Garlic Rose. All are good though Resto can be pricey. I too don't know the restaurants in Morristown and always end up eating in Madison!