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Jan 24, 2012 10:07 PM

Top five good things about McDonalds chicken McBites

1. The meat rejected from the McNugget no longer gets thrown out

2. They are only available for a limited time

3. The greyish qtip piece of meat makes the McRib look good by comprison

4. More than half have no chicken at all

5. Good for people who want fried chicken without the chicken

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  1. LOL
    thanks for the - um - review. :)

    1. You forgot about the profit margin on selling containers of fried batter for $2 - $5. Investors rejoice.

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      1. re: PommeDeGuerre

        Seriously, though I wonder how well they're selling? Against my better judgment I actually tried them twice, wondering if the first batch was a fluke. Nope. If there was an ounce of chicken in the snack-size, I'd be shocked. Can't imagine why anyone would get them more than once or twice...

      2. Why does McD's hate us? First they destroy the yummy McNuggets by turning them into dry white meat only monstrosities, and now they pull out McBites? They just took away the chicken and left the dry fried doughballs. I ate these for lunch today. Sigh.

        1. even our dogs have rejected these as a snack............................
          Yesterday, I pulled up to the drive thru at McDs to get Diesel an ice cream cone, and the manager gave me a free order of McBites for the dogs to try. Diesel took one whiff and turned his head aside. Kirby (our little vaccum cleaner) who never rejects any food, took one bite and spit it out.
          Ididn't want to poison the local pigeons, so instead of feeding them, I threw the McBites in the garbage disposal when I got home.