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Jan 24, 2012 09:58 PM

Where can i find fennel pollen in montreal...or online

been loking hi & low, can't seem to find this spice anywhere

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  1. Have you tried contacting Epices de Cru? If they don't carry it maybe they can special-order it for you.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Quite likely at Olive & Epices (514-271-0001, at Jean-Talon Market, or I'd call/visit Spice Station in Mile End (514-274-1514). Spice Station is also opening on Monkland this Friday.

    2. p.s. for online sources a quick Google should find you lots of options that ship to Canada. For example, here's a place shipping from Calgary:

      1. anthony bourdain's book or bill buford's inspired you? :)

        1. Just to let you know that Spice Station has some. I just visited their newly opened store on Monkland in NDG (there is another on Bernard) and got a half once of it. Spendy stuff but what a fascinating fragrance!

          I also picked up some of their house mixes: a ras-al-hanout and a really interesting West-Indian curry mix.

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            I want to buy a large bag of fennel seeds, not sure if I should try same places or Indian food stores and what is the difference with fennel pollen, out of curiosity? Is the taste the same?

            1. re: mangoannie

              The smell is spicier, sweeter? It's obviously very fennel forward but it has its own vegetal personality.

              They also had dill pollen.

              The store (owner? manager?) said the fennel pollen was good with chicken (he raved about making a rub with it for a whole chicken and letting it sit overnight in the fridge), while the dill pollen was best with fish.

              In any case, fennel seeds are way-hay-hay more affordable than the pollen. I'm going to use this stuff like gold dust LOL

              I was hoping they had sapote and tonka beans (would have been nice to not have to schlep myself to JTM), but alas.

              1. re: TheSnowpea

                How expensive is this fennel pollen?

                1. re: cappocuoco

                  about 20 $ for a small bag. Spendy stuff. You don't need much though.

          2. Have you tried looking at the grocery store Akhvan? They carry some unusual spices in both dry and liquid form.