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Jan 24, 2012 08:59 PM

Scaramouche - Lobsterliscious

Anyone been this year?

I booked for mid February and am wondering if anyone has thoughts on it/

I've been to Scaramouche many times, but never for the lobster event. Any noteworthy dishes?


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  1. Thanks for the heads up CocoaChanel. I must check it out. We've been in the past and it was really enjoyable. Love their butter poached lobster.


    1. I was there on Monday. App: Lobster Risotto, Main: Grilled Lobster, Dessert: Choc Mouse with earl grey tea ice cream.
      One word: AMAZING

      1. So Mr. Vuitton and I just got home from Lobsterlicious at Scaramouche. Really, if you have not been, please, please go! Wonderful. Just wonderful. From start to finish, this was one one the most memorable meals we have had.

        Gracious hosts/hostess at the front desk seated us at a table for two tight by the window, overlooking the city skyscape. :)

        The service was exquisite, from start to finish. Our pre-dinner drinks (cava) were ordered and served quickly, and as soon as they were finished, out bottle of wine appeared. Our wine glasses were always refilled as were out water glasses.

        Mr. Vuitton ordered the dungenness crab ravioli as a starter, and I snagged a bite. Fresh, tender pasta, filled with lumpy, real crab meat. Very rich and wonderful. It was finished in a lobster bisque bath.

        I has the scallop appetizer. I was expecting one scallop, but recieved two very large scallops, on a bed on raddichio (I think), endive, and fresh avacado. The scallops were beautifully pan seared, so tender on the inside with a nice crispness on the outside. Not at all rubbery, not at all "fishy". Highly recommended.

        We both had lobster mains - Mr. Vuitton had thr traditional butter poached lobster. Tasty, tender, but standard. Not disappointing at all, but not exciting. Exactly what is expected, and A LOT of actual lobster. Delicious, but not especially interesting.

        I has the grilled lobster, served with asian seasoning, mushrooms, accompaniments. Delicious. Very deep, robust and rich grilled flavour. Mr. Vuitton had a taste of mine and preferred it to his own. Both mains were perfectly prepared. The lobsters were perfectly cooked. Wonderful kitchen!

        For dessert, Mr. Vuitton and I chose from the regular menu for a $5pp supplement (rather than from the Lobsterlicious menu). No issues at all with the substitutions. Mr. Vuitton had a slice of the coconut cream pie. I love this dessert. It is light, not at all sweet and not at all artificial tasting.

        I had the chocolate macaron for dessert. Divine. Really, divine. Most chocolate desserts are too heavy and rich and try to out-do each other. It was rich, but still light. There was also a "pop-rock"/rice krispy lightness to of this dessert. It really was wonderful.

        Anyway, with tax, tip, a bottle of wine and a pre-dinner drink the grand total came to $300. It was so worth every penny. The service, the food, the whole experience is so divine that Scramouche;s Lobsterlicious will be a go to event for us. (As is the restaurant for "regular" special events).

        Please, experience the wonderfullness that is Scaramouche :)

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        1. re: CocoaChanel

          sounds fantastic and great review CocoaChanel. Thanks for sharing your experience.
          I really gotta get there soon.

          Love love love Scaramouche. Everything about it is top notch.

          1. re: millygirl

            I was there Feb 16, Great value food for the money.

            They are kinda vague about when it all stops, so do call soon. Offered Mon - Thurs only.

            The butter lobster, the Asian grilled lobster, the desserts, the crab ravioli, and the sea scallops are basically the same as the current regular menu, so you can have these on the weekend (but pay more).

            Entirely new and different are the lobster gnocchi and the lobster bisque.

            As with Winterlicious, you pay $62 for an app and a main and get a free dessert.

            1. re: Dean Tudor

              Dean, I think you and I follow each other around at restaurants :)
              Here and the last Quince rijstaffel.

              1. re: CocoaChanel

                Yeah, I noticed that...We must both be value-driven...My next outing is Drake Hotel, 7 Pm Monday Feb 20, followed by Gallery Grill, Thursday Feb 23 lunch, 11:30. Nothing special, just a lunch.

                1. re: Dean Tudor

                  Oh man I wish I had known about this before ... Scaramouche is def one of my fav TO restaurants.

                  Side question: I have heard that they sell their Coconut Cream Pies there? How would one go about ordering some? Could I just pop by the restaurant and buy a few or would I need to pre-order them?

                  1. re: squirms

                    I would think you'd need to pre-order, especially if you plan to pick up a few.

                    1. re: prima

                      Probably good to order ahead however my understanding is that they are readily available without notice. My recollection is that they are $35 which seems like a fair deal.