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Jan 24, 2012 08:05 PM

Paris Honeymoon - Sanity Check


Thanks for all the information on this board, it has been useful when planning this trip for May.

I guess I am looking for a "sanity check" on the choices pencilled in so far and to ask for suggestions around the vacant Sunday. I'll eat anything but my fiancée will not eat red meat - so I need to take this into account with any choices. We'll be staying around the 1st/2nd but happy to travel for meals if worthwhile.

Monday - Dinner at Le Jules Verne. I am aware that this is probably not the best choice food-wise and quite expensive for what it is, but I am certain my partner will love the setting and I think it would be a nice way to start the trip.

Tuesday - This is a public holiday so I thought lunch at Le Cinq might be the way to go here.

Wednesday - I like the look of Passage 53, I'm worried about the "no choice" menu but will get the concierge to ask them if they are willing to accommodate.

Thursday - Would like to do something casual - Chez Dumonet seems like it may fit the bill and sounds like it should have some poultry options for my partner.

Then leaving Paris to tour around some of the rest of France before coming back for two nights.

Sunday - Not sure here, Sunday seems slightly difficult. Would probably prefer something reasonably casual on this night.

Monday - Would like to do a three star to finish. Dinner at Le Meurice is the current probable choice.

Thanks for any feedback!

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  1. Why not decompress and opt for a "guy" type place like Balzar or La Rotonde? Menus readily accessible.

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    1. re: Oakglen

      I'm not sure about dinner at Jules Verne followed by lunch at Le Cinq unless you both have big appetites. While the food at Jules Verne isn't spectacular for what they charge, there will be quite a lot of richness and you may not be ready for the feast at Le Cinq the very next day. I wouldn't. At the very least, book the lunch at Le Cinq on the later side.

      I second La rotund as a Sunday choice. I think it's one of the best quality brassieres in Paris (for food) and many non- red meat choices. Also, I had the best sole meuniere EVER at Chez Denise, so if your partner does fish I definitely recommend it there!

      1. re: plafield

        If you spell it "la rotonde", it will be easier to find reviews and references online. :-)

        1. re: plafield

          Thanks to the both of you (and Parigi for making sure I searched on the right spelling ;)). I'll check out the 3 suggestions and decide!

          Also take your point about the consecutive "big" meals. Will have to see if it is possible to rearrange things.

          1. re: plafield

            if you are planning on Chez Denise for sole meuniere, l wish you luck. Plafield was fortunate to find it on their menu. In over 100 visits, have seen it there once.

        2. Camw,

          I might suggest you move your meal at Jules Verne to a luncheon; My Parisien BF took me there on our first trip to Paris together for our first full day in Paris; the food was good, if certainly not exceptional, but the chance to go up the private lift, then proceed on to the observation decks after the meal and survey all of Paris following was wonderful. I find the view during the day far superior.

          Again, expensive, but a wonderful memory to start a Paris trip!
          Also Chez Josephine was a wonderful meal for us as well, that was our first dinner - JF had never heard of it, and I had found it searching here on CH.... An excellent, fun location, and your fiance will have plenty of options. Turned out to be a really classic Bistro meal.

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          1. re: gingershelley

            Glad to find out now that I hit a lucky fluke with that sole at Denise! I've been thinking about a return visit just for that dish (it was far superior to the one I had at CLJ!) and it seems I would be sorely disappointed!

            1. re: gingershelley

              Thanks for the suggestion about Jules Verne, the plan was to get there about an hour before sunset but during the day may be better ... I'll have to think about it further ...

              Thanks for the reassuring words about Chez Josephine, it seems that with every choice I manage to find a bunch of bad reviews that make me think twice, so it's good to hear about good experiences!

              1. re: Camw

                Here's another vote for Josephine. Had a sensational meal there. Can still taste the foie gras with the 1973 Doisy Daene! I definitely recommend that for a first course. (The Endives/Roquefort salad also paired perfectly with the Barsac. :-) )

              2. re: gingershelley

                I agree with lunch at the Jules Verne, we did it and were very pleased. As has been noted the portions are not huge but the food is very rich, we had three courses and I really wasn't hungry for the rest of the day! I do recommend Brasserie Lipp (I also ate at Deux Magots and Cafe Flore opposite and while I loved the ambiance and appreciated the rich history I can't say the food was superb). Fouquet's is fun.

              3. your honeymoon! plan on some room service

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                1. Reconsider the marriage and find a carnivore!!! ;)

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                    A bit too far along for that I'm afraid!