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Jan 24, 2012 08:03 PM

Sorry, need Montreal restaurant help

Hey folks,

I've been to Montreal a few times and always have had good/great food experiences (my favorite restaurant Bronte unfortunately closed).

Basically I'm looking for something NEW and great. Any opinions are appreciated - don't worry about food type or price. I'll be there for 3 lunches and 2 dinners.

Any opinions on Club Chasse et PĂȘche (Le) or Locale (Le)?

Here is where I've been (looking for something new)
Fairmount Bagel, dumplings at Roi Du Wonton, Toque, Au Pied de Cochon, La Chronique, La Colombe, L'Express, Ferreira Cafe, Milos, Toque, XO


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  1. If you want new and great : Les 400 Coups.

    1. We have recently enjoyed Van Horne (on Van Horne in Outremont) unpretentious, understated bistro atmosphere but made up for by creative menu and excellent food. It was recently listed in En Route's top Canadian restos so not sure if difficult to get a reservation. Mas Cuisine (in Verdun on Wellington) only dinner Mon - Friday because the chef is so awesome that he can keep these civilized hours. DNA for great decor, as long as you have an adventurous palate, in Old Mtl so trendier neighborhood and $$$. Both CLub Chasse et Peche and Le Locale are good choices tho I found Le Locale has dropped a notch since it opened and I prefer the sister resto Le Hangar (on Wellington) and the quieter sister, Simple-Chic in Verdun (very off the beaten track). Chasse et Peche has also opened a too-hip-to care service resto for those that like to be seen "Le Filet" on Mont Royal which does have great food if you don't mind haughty service. If you have time to dine and can commit to a 3 hour meal Europea is a great experience (on Mountain, downtown). For lunch, if you want small, cozy, funky check out Fuschia ( ) in the Plateau neighborhood. Titanic, Cluny's Art BAr and Daylight Factory are other lunch suggestions. Happy eating.

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        I forgot to add Cava . The meat-based sister of Milos, also on Park Ave, but further north. We had delightfully attentive service and because they raise their own grass-fed organic beef somewhere in the US mid-west (okay, maybe I fell for a line) it is one of the few restos where I will eat beef.

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          Your summary of Filet really surprises me. On my sole visit not only was my service outstanding, but I found that this restaurant had poached a lot of my favourite servers from other places around town. And when I say that, I'm implying that these are waiters who seem to genuinely care about their clients, have an interest in the food being served, and most importantly, do not take themselves too seriously. I agree that the restaurant itself is a bit precious (so to speak), but I didn't find that the waiters contributed to that at all.

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            I suspect that we went too soon after they opened. Thanks for the update. Will keep it on my list.

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            Thanks for the time and input - this is extremely helpful!

          3. not sure if it's too late but here goes.

            Garde-Manger and Bremner, both owned by Chuck Hughes. One is french-bistro style, the other is seafood.
            Kazu, Montreal's only good izakaya and seriously compares to stuff in Tokyo. A local hot spot that tourists aren't hitting up yet
            Magpie, great little pizza joint. A bit pricey but good ingredients
            Lawrence, fantastic brunch. My new fav place. I'm just not crazy about the coffee
            Burgundy Lion, english pub. Not the typical irish pub stuff. Good for breakfast too
            Ouzerie, mediterranean cuisine
            Osteria Venti, rustic italian food similar to Morini's in NYC.

            In that list I'd say only Garde-Manger is really on the radar for tourists because of the show Chuck's Day Off, the others are local spots.

            --EDIT --
            Can't believe I forgot this spot. Across from burgundy Lion is Joe beef, which right now is real hot. David Chang writes a lot about these guys. They also have another spot right next door called Liverpool House.

            1. Tuck Shop - Notre Dame West. Book in advance.