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Jan 24, 2012 08:02 PM

French Macaroons- Reasonably Priced

I'm looking to purchase French Macaroons which are reasonably priced for a baby shower I'm hosting. Depending on the price I would be buying between 3 and 4 dozen. I live in the city but would venture out if the price is right. Thank you in advance for the suggestions.

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  1. There have been past discussions about where to buy in quantity, and I seem to remember a rec for Pacifica. Search on "macarons" on this board for the past year.

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      The French Patisserie - Dessert Outlet in Pacifica

      Last time I was there it was $20 for a tray of 36 assorted macarons. They are a bit on the small side compared to Miette or other bakeries. So I would recommend two trays, or 6 dozen.

      They are frozen but they defrost quickly and still keep their consistency. They have other desserts too, tartes, verrines, petits fours.

      This is an industrial building, they have a small parking lot, enter through the office and they will help you select from their freezer. They accept credit cards. Call ahead to make sure they have what you want ready and to check on their hours.