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Jan 24, 2012 07:03 PM

Sausage without pork casing?

I don't eat pork but I love sausages. I find over and over that turkey, chicken and lamb sausages come in pork casings which for me defeats the purpose. Anyone know somewhere in Toronto where you can get good sausage that doesn't use pork in the casing?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The Healthy Butcher carries pork free sausage, they use sheep or collagen casing, never tried them but they have a good rep.

      1. Whole foods offers sausages with non pork casings as well.

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          This must be something new - all of the fresh sausages at Whole Foods used to come only in pork casings.

          Nortown on Eglinton sells sausages with non-pork casings.

        2. You could try any Kosher Butcher such as Hartmans or Pearls or Sobeys in Thornhill

          1. Pork casings are the right size for most sausages, so they are widely used and cost effective.

            Lamb casings are thinner in diameter, and more expensive.
            However, there is a nice veal sausage at Highland Farms in lamb casing.
            Look for a large coiled sausage at the veal counter.

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              Thanks a lot. I know I might be sacrificing flavor but there are recipes i'd like to try that call for sausage and I'd hate to miss out.

              1. re: Nocontact

                I don't think you'll be sacrificing flavour as long as you stick with lamb, collogen is a different matter as they split and all the juice runs out that's why I don't like them