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Jan 24, 2012 07:00 PM

Good Asian Market in Fairfield County?

Can anybody suggest a decent Asian market in Fairfield County? I was hoping to find one with a butcher, as well as the typical dry goods, sauces, etc.

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  1. You won't find a good Asian market, not in Fairfield county. But in a pinch there are 2 places I go to, both are tiny but do the job until I can get over to Flushing, NY.

    Oriental Food Market in Norwalk for Chinese/Korean groceries -they are tiny but stock dry goods and sauces and also have a little frozen food section and a small selection of fresh Asian vegetables.

    Fuji Mart in Greenwich for Japanese groceries with a few Korean items (ie small jars of kimchee) again this place is tiny but stock the core staples and they do have a teeny, tiny butcher counter that sells meats cut for Japanese/asian dishes.

    1. It's not an Asian market per se, but Food Bazaar in Bridgeport has an impressive array of Asian, Latin, and other ethnic groceries, as well as butcher and seafood. I saw a lot of stuff there that I have never seen anywhere else.

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        Have to agree with you about stuff "never seen anywhere else". I went there for the 1st time 2 weeks ago and was blown away by the variety of items. I wasn't looking specifically for Asian items that day. I'll have to go back.

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          Where in BPT is it? Sounds like a great find!

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            Directly opposite Home Depot in the former Shaw's Supermarket. Right off RT 8.

            They have great Korean and Chinese items, including lots of Frozen. Wife shops there several times per month and I shop there for Fish, etc monthly. There ethnic items are great, not just Asian.Advertised items are priced well, but staple groceries are high. There in store bakery is very good and well priced.

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            In one frozen case at the far end of the dairy section - you can get natto. Not too shabby.
            The butcher counter has pork belly daily.
            Asian veggies are hit & miss. Last time I was there, baby bok choy was being put out along with Napa Cabbage. Sometimes lotus root shows up, sometimes a Korean tsoi-sum veggie.
            Always seen Chinese radish (smaller daikon).
            Fish - they have what they call pike-mackerel which the Japanese use grilled (in their bento boxes) - I think the name is samna which is dirt cheap $2-3/lb and tasty.
            Squid & octopi (small) are there too fresh and larger octopi are frozen.
            Lots of staples & sauces, both Korean & Japanese. Not that much Chinese though.

          3. Patel Bros on Ct. Ave., Norwalk.
            Across parking lot from Best Buy.
            However, no butcher on site.

            1. I would have said M&M Farms in Milford, but it's closing. Although there's rumors it may re-open in a smaller space.

              For Indian groceries, I've found One Stop Grocery in Milford. I'm pretty sure that's the name, unassuming from exterior and you'd never know it's Indian.

              There's also Asian Supermarket in Milford, but I've never been there. A friend swears by it though.

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                M&M is already closed, and no matter how much Milford would like to cross the river, it is not in Fairfield County.

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                  Who cares about an arbitrary county border? It's close to many points in FFC and a shorter drive from many shoreline points than, say, Danbury. So it's relevant. Remember, there's no purpose to our counties other than imaginary regional distinctions. There's no county governments. With the lack of asian grocery options in FFC, sometimes a little travel is necessary.