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Jan 24, 2012 06:28 PM

Sunday lunch Farmington to Middlebury

I'm making my way from Farmington to Middlebury (CT)
around lunch time on a Sunday.
What's the best spot for lunch (not fancy) in that area?

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  1. Not having any idea what your preferences are and how far off the interstate you're willing to travel, a quick on and off at Queen Street in Southington would be Bertucci's. A little further north on Queen Street is Moe's Southwest Grille.

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    1. re: njmarshall55

      and a little farther north on Queen St. is not fancy and great for a chili dog. omlet, fried seafood

      1. re: brookerme

        Saint's IS a good choice...I like the MOS...mustard, onion, sauce (meat sauce...not a full fledged chili, per se, but very good). And they do good whole belly clams.

    2. Try Fancy Bagels. Right, you said "not fancy" but it's just the name. :) Great bagels, great sandwiches. There's one in Farmington and one in Southington. Their "Fancy BLT (with turkey)" was always a favorite.