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Jan 24, 2012 06:13 PM

800 degrees crust

went in again today.
the crust was MUCH improved.
much more tasty and much more crispy.
i think they just needed a little time to iron out the kinks.. . .

altogether, an unbelievable pie for the price.

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  1. I agree. I've been three times so far. My last excursion was on Sunday taking the whole family. Everyone loved the pies and salads. The only problem we encountered was people sending a member from the group to reserve tables while the others waited in line. That seriously screwed up the whole operation. I stood by the counter with my completed order while my wife tried to secure a table. 1/4 the tables were being reserved for people behind us in line another 1/4 was people that had eaten their lunch but were shooting the sh*t. I got management to complain about it. I think they know this is their one MAJOR flaw. They need to put signage up and have mgmt walking the floor discouraging the practice. If you order your pie, pay and find your seat, in that order, the system works. Saving seats while in line makes the whole system fail. I was seriously stressed Sunday and I know that if that happens again I will not take the family back there, regardless of the product.

    1. I may get over there again tomorrow....definitely the price is the biggest draw for me. The crusts were not that great my other 2 visits and the assembly line feel detracts from my overall experiene. Probably not a destination pie for me but if im in the area, I would certainly pop in.

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      1. re: lapizzamaven

        completely agree
        my destination pies are to be found at milo and olive and at stella rossa.
        still, there is a place in my life for a pie that costs much less than a destination pie, and that place is now being filled by 800 degrees.

        1. re: westsidegal

          Agree completely...the LA pizza scene is looking better every day! If only a few more quality slice joints would open up.

      2. Has anyone tried the chopped salad yet? I thought it had potential, they do have nice quality ingredients?

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        1. re: AAQjr

          I thought the beet/burrata salad/chopped salads were rather weak. Nearly pointless, even. Certainly not as interesting as the magical soda fountain contraption.

          1. re: TonyC

            but you hate everything ;) so maybe I'll try it anyway, lol. A customer told me the soda thingy was designed by ferarri, he looked in awe but I have no idea if it's true and don't care because I don't drink soda in any case...

            1. re: AAQjr

              fwiw, i tried their large-size "build your own" salad and loved it.
              the ingredients were fresh and flavorful and in terrific condition.

              1. re: AAQjr

                haha! tooo-shaay.

                Except I really enjoyed the pizza pies. I mean, I don't even care people are calling it the Subway of pizza:

              2. re: TonyC

                I love that fucking machine. When I see that darn thing, I'm like the proverbial kid in a candy store.

            2. Apparently 800 Degrees has had its fill of hearing misguided criticisms of the crust's crispness and authenticity. I returned there tonight and immediately saw the newly posted sign that is prominently on display in the attached photo, which states:

              "NO, it's not crispy. We make pizza the way it was invented in Naples, Italy in the DOP-protected Vera Pizza Napoletana style, which has a soft, chewy crust.

              "If you'd prefer it crispy, please ask."

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              1. re: Arthur

                I do like how they felt obligated to say "Naples, ITALY", lest the misguided think they might be referring to Naples, Florida.

                1. re: Peripatetic

                  i'd guess they were trying to distinguish it from the Naples near long beach, california.

                2. re: Arthur

                  This approach makes the most sense, and it is good they are very clear about what they are aiming for in the crust. Thanks, Arthur, for the photo.

                  1. re: Arthur

                    p.s. although the crust was crispier around the periphery than the first couple of times i tried it, it was still properly soft toward the center. it was still a Neapolitan pie.

                  2. Eight of us went there last week and nobody cared for the crust. My crust was OK, but some of the other crusts were really pale and needed more time in the oven. I have had, pizza all over Italy and although the 800 degree prices is on the lower end the toppings are good quality, the pizza as a whole is not that great.

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                    1. re: mrsjoujou

                      The pizza at 800 Degrees takes just one minute to bake, so "a couple of more minutes in the oven" would have resulted in you being served a pile of ashes.

                      1. re: Arthur

                        You are right. I edited my post. Some of the pizza crusts we recieved were so plae it needed at leat 30 second more time in the oven. Obviously they didn't cook all our pizza the same way.

                        1. re: mrsjoujou

                          Another thing that may factor in is the toppings. This type of pizza is best when less toppings are used. It's kinda like counter. some people go all crazy with the toppings (not saying you guys did... but I've seen it!) and then get upset that its a muddled mess. Sometimes you HAVE to show restraint


                          1. re: Dommy

                            More than half of us picked just two toppings. I picked bacon and baby eggplant and they hardly put any bacon and the baby eggplants were not that good.

                            1. re: Dommy

                              in the couple times i've visited 800 degrees, along with other italian pie joints, i always get the margherita, if you get too many topping for such a thin pie it inevitably turns into a soggy, inedible mess.