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Jan 24, 2012 05:23 PM

Lunch ideas for Dunedin and Akaroa

Will be there one day each in early March. Looking for good lunch restaurants. Thanks. No sushi!

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  1. This answer is several years overdue. But for otherpeople searching for tips for the South Island, here we go:
    Dunedin has a great fish & chip shop (we took them to go but there is also a restaurant to sit in) called Best Cafe. We had 3 types of fish and all were amazing as were the fries. I didnt like their mayo though.

    Akaroa also has a great fish & chip shop on the promenade next to the water. There is only one :-) we had several types of fish and we didnt care for the breaded sole but all others were great, especially a fish called orange something. I liked their coleslaw too.

    Our best food experience in NZ has been a small restaurant in Moeraki village between Christchurch and Dunedin called Fleurs Place. Amazing food, freshly gathered ingredients, lots of love in the kitchen and amazing serving staff. Reservations are essential, its only got 20 or so places.