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Jan 24, 2012 05:22 PM

Sunday Lunch in Adelaide

Any good recommendations? Will be there for a day in early March. We like pretty much everything except sushi. Thanks.

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  1. Depends on budget and time of day

    Locavore - Australian tapas. Nice after a morning drive in the hills

    The star of greece - pt willunga
    Get a table by the window (lunch). great after a drive through the McLaren Vale wine district


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    1. re: Darrius

      I had heard from a few people that Star of Greece had dived big time - have you been recently?

    2. try estia down at henley beach greek meze style eating but book a table out side to be sure of getting in ,sundays are busy great food great wine list .after eating try a walk along the jetty and then a coffee at cibo or a drink at bacchus, a very civilzed way of ending a perfect sunday

      1. The Pot on King William Rd, Hyde Park. On other days they do fantastic wine and tapas, but on Sundays I believe they have a set menu Sunday lunch. I admit I am yet to go on a Sunday as I work but I wish I could, from what I recall is reasonably priced and very nice.
        Also, Windy Point has recently launched a Sunday breakfast/brunch/lunch menu which sounds fantastic, once again great food ordinarily so I assume the same for Sundays.