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Jan 24, 2012 04:25 PM


With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, I've got to make a decision. For the past dozen or so years, my choice has been either "L.A. Burdick" or "John & Kira's", and, my wife has been enthralled.. Honestly, although my wife loves the chocolate mice from Burdick and the exquisite fillings that are a John & Kira's trademark, I also know that she loves surprises. If money is no object.... what say my fellow Chowhounders??? Please remember that my reputation as a loving husband could be affected by any unacceptable choice! Zabar

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  1. If she loves surprises and filled chocolates, I'd build a box of chocolates. I've ordered from CocoaBella before (, and they have some really interesting choices. I'm not sure if there are any other sites that let you mix and match different chocolate companies like that, but I really love the idea.

    1. I live in the SF Bay Area and I love Michael Mischer chocolates! I never get tired of receiving a box of these.

      1. if you want to go with someplace local, then Kee's or MarieBelle. otherwise my choice would probably be Compartes in Los Angeles.

        1. La Maison du Chcolat is fabulous.

          CocoaBella is also a great option.

          1. I really like the marshmallows they have at the Vosges store in Beverly Hills. I usually am not a marshmallow person, but these were really tender and not at all gummy.

            They do have truffles with various fillings. I remember they gave me a sample of one with balsamic vinegar in it, and it was delicious. I think they have an exotic truffle collection, too. Plus their purple heart boxes are romantic.