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Jan 24, 2012 04:22 PM

2012 Oscar themed party

I'm starting this now because I had a blast year helping some friend design an Oscar themed party and Chowhound had such great sources.

Anyone want to take a stab at it? What would you serve at a dinner/viewing party for the Oscars this year. Food should be Oscar themed, or Oscar nominated movies (2012) Theme.

Insight on those that have seen the movies would be great, but you don't have to, to make a theme food. Such as Midnight in Paris might be the perfect time to whip up some mini-eclairs with a dark chocolate sauce. Or Money Ball might be great to do a Cheese Ball with "bats" Bread and or pretzel sticks.

There are two movies up for noms that have gross food themes. Would party goers be grossed out at a Help themed Chocolate Pie or would you nix those ideas?

and what about drinks?

Any Ideas?

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  1.'ve got "Descendants" you could do some sort of tropical cocktail. Mai Tai?
    Or....French champagne....for "Midnight in Paris." And for "War Horse" you could, bad joke. I didn't mean it.......

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    1. re: perk

      I would do something like that for war horse except the only person I'd trust to execute it is Chris Cosentino and I'm not even close to San Fran. :P

      mai tai and french champagne all good recs!

    2. Although Chocolate Pie is an obvious choice for the Help, I, personally think it's not the wisest. At least to those who have read/seen it. Perhaps you could make a caramel cake?

      For the Descendants, I think mango or coconut sorbet would be pleasant. Douglas Fairbanks Cocktail for the Artist? Some type of junk-y food for Money Ball, pretzel bites, french fries, twinkies.

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      1. re: catcherinthewheat

        Right I was thinking the crassness of the help dessert might be too much. I was thinking Pecan Pie maybe?

        I haven't seen the Descendants so tell me what the sorbet is about?

        I can see the d. Fairbanks cocktail for the artist.

        And someone mentioned Brad Pitt eats in almost all of his movies, he is up for an award for Moneyball but we could also honor him with another dish from a favorite past movie,

        1. re: Sandwich_Sister

          Pecan Pie would be nice too, definitely a southern icon.

          The family in the Descendants lived in Hawaii( tropical cocktail like Perk suggested, def) and they ate ice cream a bunch, sooo.

          Yeah, I heard about the Brad Pitt thing. Some fellows actually made a list of all the food he ate, although most of it isn't very memorable.

      2. How about Veal Oscar (sorry I don't think I've seen any of the nominees yet).

        1. Since Moneyball is baseball could do popcorn. But make it a bit classier with truffle salt.

          1. I am breaking out the crystal, in honor of Billy's return, which will be filled with French champagne. My tables will have fish/chips (England), crepes and other French food items, and regional American fare: mini hotdogs in blankets, popcorn, soft pretzels (baseball & ny street food), Texas chili, etc. I will have Hawaiian punch juice boxes, and fresh pineapple. There will be a tray table with a bottle of scotch and glasses like those in the Artist. And a Swedish appetizer of gravlax and dill. That is as far as I have gotten. Oh, I will probably go with some sort of chocolate pie...

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