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Jan 24, 2012 03:18 PM

Where to eat in or near Lakelands, FL

Visiting Dad in Lakelands in a few weeks. We are foodies. Dad thinks he is adventurous, but not so much. He is also pretty impatient, so won't wait on lines, and service needs to be good regardless of the price point. We would love to get a good Cuban sandwich and other Cuban food while we are there, and stone crabs if in season, or some good pompano or other fresh Florida fish. Suggestions?

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  1. Speaking as someone who's originally from Lakeland (there's no "s" in Lakeland), and with family in the area, there really isn't a lot restaurant wise to impress a foodie.

    The Silver Ring Cafe on Tennessee Ave does a pretty good Cuban sandwich and Black Bean Soup. Spice Thai and Tapitos Mexican are also decent. And since it's winter, Peebles BBQ should be open.

    IMO, your best bet is to do what most of the locals do, and go west on I-4 for 25 miles into Tampa/St Pete (it's a 30 minute drive) for the evening....

    1. I would suggest a quick trip west on I4 to Shrimp and Co in Ybor City for fresh seafood. I had an excellent Grouper dinner there on Sat for 16.95. They have fresh Fl fish, shrimp, oysters, stone crab, etc.. at reasonable prices.

      1. If y'all are willing to take the drive into Tampa, I'd suggest you check this thread...

        There are plenty of good, and very recent, suggestions listed there.

        1. For Cuban food I like West Caribbean Cuban Restaurant I agree with rhnault about Shrimp & Co. but the location in Plant City is much closer to Lakeland.

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            There is a Shrimp & Co in Plant City?

          2. Im in Lakeland and if I want something good, I travel out of Lakeland.