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Jan 24, 2012 03:08 PM

Fage yogurt at Aldi [Milwaukee]

Just wanted to let everyone know that I found Fage Greek yogurt at Aldi. I'm not sure if it's an only one time occurrence. I'm not sure if other parts of the country have had this but this is the first time I have seen it in the Milwaukee area. It's the 17.6 oz size and the price is $1.49. The cheapest I have found it before today was at the Super Wal-mart for $3.30.

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  1. That is a great price and it is good stuff! Which Aldi location? Do all of their stores, at least in the SE Wisconsin area, sell the same items?

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    1. re: Fowler

      I found it at the Aldi on Hwy. 100 just north of Layton in Greenfield. I asked the cashier if she knew if they have started carrying Fage. She said she thought it was a seasonal item....hmmm yogurt seasonal?
      I have found that Aldi's prices and what they carry differ from store to store. My Mom who shops at a Waukesha Aldi will call and tell me that she got eggs for .89 and I'll go to the Greenfield or Brookfield store to find that they are selling them for .99 or more.

    2. Kroger has it 10 for $10 (in michigan)

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        Markcron, is that for the 17.6oz. size? More likely the 7oz. size. Good price even for 7oz.

      2. $3.39 / 17.5oz Menomonee Falls