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Jan 24, 2012 02:04 PM

Former NOLA Cook, needs updated info for return visit

Hi, I used to live in NOLA and worked at the Windsor Court a number of years ago. I have not visited the Big Easy since before Katrina.

I am excited to be returning and will only be in NOLA for 3 nights in April and want to maximize my chow time. Please suggest to me the 3 must not miss dinners for those nights, price not an object. Also any additional recommendations would be appreciated too.

Thanks ya'll

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  1. Check out Cafe Atchafalya, we really enjoyed it. Brigsten's is still there, I had a reservation there the Saturday night before K and we had to leave and I was way more upset about missing the meal than I was about evacuating.

    Casamento's if you love oysters. We enjoyed po boys at Mahony's last visit. The onion rings are really great too. Drago's charbroiled oysters but they were so tiny the week before Christmas that I was really shocked. About the size of my little fingernail. So I would call first and go to the one in Metairie if the oyster sizes have improved.

    Just start a list, check out the web sites and see what looks good to you and eliminate accordingly. You'll come up with a list that's to your liking.

    1. Since you lived in New Orleans Im sure you know the usual suspects. August, Brigstens, Commander's etc.

      My newish kid on the block suggestion would be Stella. Its not necessarily a "New Orleans Style" restaurant if you are trying to focus in on getting contemporary creole cuisine, but in my humble opinion they are putting out the best food in the city right now.

      1. Emeril's, Galatoire's and Muriel's are my favorite. NOLA has a lot of great restaurants. Stella, Bayona, Mr. B's, Clancy's, Coquette, Patois, Brigtsen's and Tommy's are all nice.

        1. Green Goddess and Dante's Kitchen, for sure. With your background and the fact that they're new since you were last there, they are definitely your picks.