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Jan 24, 2012 12:46 PM

Rotisserie Chicken joint that shows up at the Farmer's Market at the Verteran's Admin on Thursdays???

Or at least it did a couple or three years back.

It had rotisserie chicken with the rosemary potatoes or something like that.

What's the name of this operation?

I believe it showed up at various farmer's market's across LA during the week.

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  1. it sounds like grill masters. they're often at many farmer's markets and they do a potato with the chicken drippings.

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    1. re: cdub

      yep, that's it i believe. but according to their website they are no longer at the veteran's admin on thursdays. or does that possibly also mean that the veternan's admin farmer's market is no longer in existence???


      1. re: kevin

        Grill Masters is open in Irvine in the Kohl's shopping center on Jeffrey and I think Trabuco. I really liked their kebobs.

        1. re: FrankZ

          different grill masters. these guys operate trucks that make rotisserie chicken. that's all they do along with some potatos that are cooked with the chicken drippings from the rotisserie

          1. re: cdub

            It's the same people. They say so on their in-store visuals, and the drippy potatoes are there too.

              1. re: cdub

                From the About us on the Irvine Business Site:
                Gourmet Grill Masters began in August of 2005 by a husband and wife duo. The two introduced the juicy, slow roasted, rotisserie chicken at farmer's markets throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties. After about 8 months in the business, they grew into a full line catering company based in Los Angeles. Please visit

                Today, Gourmet Grill Masters' offers it unique street grill food flair in Irvine, CA, it's first retail restaurant.

                1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                  They seem to be one of several longtime standbys that have bailed out (or been pushed out?) of the South Pas FM. I got a chicken and some potatoes to take home for supper once, and found it okay but not as stunning as it had smelled. The potatoes were crunchier than I wanted, too. Was always going to give'em another chance, but after maybe a two-month absence I went back yesterday and they were gone. Their website says they're still there, but it also talks about stuff that won't happen until 2011, so someone just isn't updating here.