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Jan 24, 2012 12:33 PM

May 12th wedding-Need recommendations for dinner

Getting married in central park on May 12th. Tried to book the Maialino but they are already full. Anyone know of a similar place for approx 20-25 people. Do not want to spend 5k.

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  1. Tocqueville might fit your budget.

    1 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003

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    1. re: Riverman500

      Seems a little stuffy...but thank you!

    2. Anyone know about the wine cellar at Il Buco?

      Il Buco
      47 Bond St., New York, NY 10012

      1. Try Public - they have menu options starting at 60 per person (food only). You might not get a completely private room but depending on your party size they offer some semi-private options.

        210 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012